Visit Ciudad Perdida Colombia with Walter Hinojosa

Visit Ciudad Perdida Colombia with our local guides from home. Today you will know the history of Walter Hinojosa. Our guide arrived in Teyuna only three years after its discovery. 

Lost City, an archaeological treasure

Ciudad Perdida Santa Marta Colombia

One of the greatest attractions of Ciudad Perdida is its archaeological wealth. After its discovery in 1976, with the authorization of the National Government, the recovery did it. Then, They opened Lost City to national and international tourism. 

Today Ciudad Perdida or Teyuna is recognized as one of the main archaeological sites in Colombia. The cultural and historical richness that it represents, in addition to the beauty and tranquility of the place, makes the walk through the jungle of the Sierra Nevada, which must be done to get there really worthwhile. 

During the restoration process of the Lost City differents archaeologists, researchers, and professionals did it. Also, a large group of farmers and local people worked on the recovery of the area. Today we will discover the story of one of them, Walter Hinojosa. 

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Who is Walter Hinogoja? This is his story

Walter came to Santa Marta as a child from the village of Sevilla, Magdalena. Today, at 65 years old, he says he feels 100% Samario (From Santa Marta Colombia) and a fan of the Union Magdalena soccer team. He currently lives with his mother and brother. 

The wealth of his knowledge of the area is invaluable. ‘I worked several years in teyuna in archaeological restoration. Of the 85% that Ciudad Perdida has restored, I was in 15% of that: Walter tells us: said Walter.  He has 28 years working as a tourist guide, of which 6 have been with Magictour Colombia.  With Magic Tour Colombia he has already completed 1516 visits to Ciudad Perdida. 

For him, the most important part of his work is to get tourists to connect with the traditions of the ethnic groups of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the rural communities. 

He always tries to give the best to tourists, because he wants millions of people to visit Lost City. Although getting to Ciudad Perdida is a really exhausting walk, Walter believes that when people can see the beauty and peace that Teyuna transmits, that tiredness is taken away from them.

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Ciudad Perdida con Walter

Walter says he is “100% in love with Teyuna”, and he always tries to transmit that love to all the tourists he accompanies. For him, people should know the Lost City because it is a magical place and one of the most beautiful in the world. 

Finally, we share with you a phrase that Walter loves: “They are two kinds of people in the world, people who already know Ciudad Perdida and people who wish to know it”  ¿Who are u? 

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