Crowdfunding campaign to help communities who work in Ciudad Perdida

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The initiative seeks to benefit communities who work in the tourism sector and who, in the midst of the emergency decreed by the National Government, have not been able to carry out their tourist activities.


Santa Marta, May 21, 2020.

Magic Tour Colombia, wants to help the peasants and indigenous communities that work on the Tour to Ciudad Perdida. Creates a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and raise COP$50.000.000. Therefore, the idea is to help 188 families have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, It is important to mention that the people who will benefit from the initiative are tour guides, cooks, and translators. They have found tourism a great opportunity for development. The initiative also seeks to support families from indigenous communities in Ciudad Perdida.

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Sergio Higuita, tour guide, is a peasant who has gradually started studying and managed to get ahead as a tour guide. He has approximately 15 years of working in this sector. With the arrival of the Covid-19, he and many other people have been greatly affected.

Magaly Pineda, tourist guide to Ciudad Perdida says: “This situation has been very difficult for us who live on tourism. We went from going up every day with different tourists to being at home ”.

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The Crowdfunding campaign led by MagicTour Colombia will be carried out through the Vaki here. The objective is to raise COP $ 50,000,000 to benefit 188 families. However, it is clarified that with the contribution obtained from 10% of the goal, 19 thousand families will be supported. Also with 20% to 38 families, with 30% to 56 families, with 50% to 94 families, and moreover with 70 % to 132 families.

We will purchase the food market and basic biosafety items for a value of COP 250.000. Therefore, 94% of the contributions will be for the purchase of food market. In addition, 5% will be the commission of the Vaki platform and 1% to cover financial costs.

For people who donate to this initiative and according to the amount donated, Magic Tour Colombia will provide incentives including a digital postcard, webinar on Ciudad Perdida, free City Tour, 30% discount for the Lost City Tour or a bonus valued at COP $ 100,000 in any Tour operated by the company. The bonus or discount can be transferable to anyone. You can check the conditions on the Vaki page where the fundraising takes place.

Fanny Muñoz Arango, manager of Magic Tour Colombia S.A.S. and the collaborators of the company will check all the process of donation delivery and monitoring of the crowdfunding campaign.

In conclusion, you can communicate through email marketing@magictourcolombia.comor by phone 3145713645.

Author: Carolina Zabala Campos

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