Visit Ciudad Perdida Colombia with Magaly Pineda from home

Visit Ciudad Perdida Colombia with our local guides from home. Today you will know the history of Magaly Pineda. Our guide who has spent 11 years in the destination of Ciudad Perdida.

Lost City is an archaeological and sacred site located in the city of Santa Marta, in Colombia. This place hides a unique magic and an enriching story that makes it called “The Heart of the World”. Today the Kogi indigenous people inhabited mostly the Lost City. Considered our older brothers. The Kogi Indians ensure the balance between the earth and the human being.


Tayronas indigenous communities built Lost City around 700 AD. After almost 400 years of abandonment huaqueros discovered and looted its treasures in 1973. Only until 1976, almost three years later, the government learned of its existence due to many rumors that reached the city.

Currently we can visit Ciudad Perdida after 3, 4 or 5 days of walking through forests full of an immense fauna and flora, bridleways, hanging bridges, rivers, waterfalls and mountains. It is quite an adventure. A few meters above sea level, you will discover the ruins of the great Tayrona empire and all its history through nature and ancient architecture. The only way to get to know Ciudad Perdida is through an operating agency.

The communities near this territory have transmitted all the knowledge of history, nature, culture and archeology from generation to generation.  From the hand of the local guides is best way to get to know Lost City. Magic Tour Colombia has a large number of guides who support their work. These guides are peasants who have lived in this area, many of them displaced from violence who have found tourism a great opportunity for development.

They want to share who they are and through their stories they will make us travel from home to this beautiful place. Learn more on the instagram @magictour_colombia with the hashtag #ConoceCiudadPerdida or on our Youtube channel.

¡Let’s go with our first story!

Magaly Pineda

A 37 year old woman, patient, lover of peace, nature and likes to travel with her family. A faithful believer that we must care for and protect nature. She loves trekking and being a guide is her vocation. I like to love and to be loved, respect and be respected and share the good things in life: said Magaly. She lives with her husband, son, and pet Sora.

She has been a guide to Ciudad Perdida for 11 years. Her father worked many years as a guide for Ciudad Perdida. That inspired her to practice the same profession and study. She did her elementary and high school and then a tour guide course.

Since I can remember, I have been linked to tourism. Magaly said

Since she began working as a guide, she realized her passion for the region’s history, nature and the immense connection that exists between physical and mental well-being. It is the union of these factors that makes us lead a life with greater energy, joy and peace.

Without a doubt, Ciudad Perdida is a reflection of what she says and that is why she loves being a tourist guide of that place. Thanks to all the wisdom that is in the lost city and in those who inhabit it today.

For her, the Lost City is a sacred temple, a land of spiritual charm that our older brothers left us, to explore, contemplate and enjoy this majestic place. When you get to this place you must have supreme respect and it will be the only way to feel the magic and energy that is breathed there. Magaly said.

What questions would you ask Magaly?

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