Playa Cristal, one of the most beautiful beaches in Tayrona Park. Would you like to enjoy a day of relaxation on a beautiful beach? In this blog we tell you all about Playa Cristal. This beach is a natural jewel in the Tayrona Park. With crystal clear waters, as its name suggests and surrounded by beautiful

Cabo San Juan is one of the best known beaches in Tayrona Park. When you googleas Tayrona Park you will surely get a picture of this beautiful place. This beach is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and there is also a variety of exotic animal species.    How to get to Cabo San Juan?

Tayrona Park will closed from June 1 to 15. This will be the second closure of the year. It seeks, as every year, to give a break to this natural park. This initiative was created by the indigenous groups of the area and the Natural Parks Directorate.  Why is Tayrona Park closed?  During the time

If you are planning your trip to Santa Marta, you will surely be interested in knowing What to do in the Tayrona Park?  Tayrona Park is one of the most representative places in Santa Marta. Now that we can enjoy it again, it cannot be missing from your list of places to visit after so

Here you have a practical guide to visiting Playa Cristal, Tayrona Park, in Santa Marta, Colombia. When people tell us about the Tayrona Park, one of the first places we think of is: the Cabo San Juan beach sector. But, it turns out that the park has many beaches to discover and one of the