What to do in Santa Marta at Christmas time?

Santa Marta, a magical city for vacationing with different activities to do all year round. What will it have to offer at Christmas time? Read on… 

This beautiful Caribbean city becomes an extraordinary destination for Christmas and New Year’s Eve vacations. Long before the month of December, Santa Marta is getting ready with lights and decorations to enjoy the favorite season of many Samarians and provide a magical experience to its visitors. 

If your destination this Christmas is Santa Marta, here are some activities you can do. 


Candlelight Day:

If you are from Colombia you will know that this is a tradition that can never miss in the month of December. Since it signifies the opening or the arrival of the Christmas season, for many this tradition represents the light of faith and hope.

Visiting a river or a beach:

If we talk about traditions, going to the beach or a river on December 8th is the most common plan for the Samarios. Thanks to the fact that Santa Marta offers us both, you can’t miss this plan, you can go with your family, couple, friends or by yourself to enjoy the beautiful nature. We recommend you to visit the Tayrona Park or Minca

Visit the Cathedral Basilica:

On Christmas Eve, the cathedral prepares a mass for all Samarians, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of this and create a new experience. 

Go to the bay at night: At this time the bay and Bolivar Park are a spectacle for visitors and Samarians to go to see the lights and take pictures is a must-see and very economical plan. 


Party on the beach:

This is a very unpredictable plan since it is not often done but it is very common to see it on the beaches such as Rodadero or Bello Horizonte. Where you enjoy music, dancing, fireworks and food, it is a plan to have fun and have a good time. 


These are some of the many plans that you can do in Santa Marta during Christmas time, remember that the most important thing is to enjoy with the ones you love the most, be thankful for everything you have experienced during the year and ask for peace, joy and health for the next year.


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