In magic tour we are aware about what you need to know to enjoy  your next vacation in Colombia. Take some time to read the most frequently asked questions from our customers and if you didn’t find the information you need, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Magic Tour Colombia is a contemporary company, committed to Traditional Cultures and Sacred Territories. We have a highly qualified team committed to quality, good service and professionalism with more than 14 years of experience in the tourism sector, being also the first company to have guides from rural areas, establishing relations of bilateral gain with the communities , Contribution of intellectual growth with the local population, strengthening their processes and being compliant with the legal requirements of the destinations operated.

We are certified in tourist quality under the norms NTS AV01 and NTS AV02, being the only operating company of Ciudad Perdida certified. We have bilingual staff to ensure that our foreign customers enjoy the maximum information provided in each of the services offered by the company, also having payment facilities for the convenience of the client. Magic Tour Colombia is part of Corpoteyuna, a corporation that looks after the welfare of the indigenous and peasant communities that inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Most guides speak Spanish, but we have guides in English and translators in other languages when required. In the case of the Lost City The tour is bilingual so to speak, because the guide speaks in Spanish but is always accompanied by a translator who speaks English, so the language is no problem to enjoy the tour.

If possible, but to carry out this excursion you must have a very good physical condition and be accustomed to doing this type of excursions because you have to walk approximately 8 hours each day.

Yes, through our website, or in our offices directly.

Yes, on the path to the Lost City there are koguis and Wiwas, in the Guajira there is Wayuu and in the Tayrona there are koguis.

Yes there are, they are very basic but each camp is equipped with bathrooms and showers.

You can sleep in cabins or berths in multiple accommodation and also in hammocks, this depends on the availability of the place.

It is not necessary, but if you are more comfortable with your own sleeping bag you can bring it.

We recommend that footwear be trekking boots but if you do not have it can be tennis or shoes that do not slip.

Yes, the water that is taken during the excursion is river water, but the guide has water purification tablets that make the water good for consumption.

If necessary, if you prefer not to do it, you must bring a photocopy of the part where your photo appears and also the part where the stamp of entry to Colombia is seen.

For Cartagena the last direct transport from the terminal leaves at 4:00 pm and is 4 hours journey. There is a transport with Marsol that leaves at 4.30 pm from the National Park Tayrona and another that leaves from Santa Marta at 4.30 but the collection of the passengers begins from 3.30 pm.

Of course we can do it, you only need the name and address of where they will be housed the night before to look for them and join the group.

It is the same service, same tour, and same company we give them the same benefits and attentions without distinction that they buy in the office of Santa Marta or the office of Taganga.

The agreement of the operating agencies to Lost City is regulated by an association that allows fair business competition on the part of all and thus allowing the client to choose the one of their preference not for the price, but for the quality of the service offered.