Visit Ciudad Perdida a tourism treasury to discover.

Visit Lost City

Visit Ciudad Perdida. The Treasury of the Sierra Nevada. There is a mysterious place full of mystical energy, full of surprises and full of nature. They cultivated a shining and magical kingdom that would unite their spirits to the eternal world. So, finding it in 1970 was not easy, but today it is an ancestral tourist treasure. Learn more here.

How to understand its discovery?

A city that housed a civilization of between 2000 – 8000 people since the VIIDC century. Subsequently, After the Spanish colonization began, the indigenous tribes were forced to leave fleeing to the Sierra Nevada.


Ciudad Perdida Santa Marta Colombia


What about his mystical legends?

Villagers say that the first humans outside pre-Columbian cultures or “younger brothers” discovered the ruins accidentally – 1970. Legend has mentioned a group of hunters who followed the trail of a Jaguar, in the immediate vicinity of the Sierra Nevada. However, when we reached the river, we discovered in surprise an ancient stone staircase almost swallowed by the mountainous weeds. The hunters were so surprised that they decided to take the risk of climbing.

The mamos, indigenous priests consecrated to Serankua (God of the sun), guide the older brothers spiritually in life. Similarly, they allow younger siblings to visit the Teyuna sanctuary on occasion. In addition, ancestral knowledge with visitors asking them to protect our planet.

Visit Lost City


The brothers plus their wisdom with the older brothers so that they help the younger brothers to live in peace with nature.

How was it?

Those steep stairs would be the beginning to discover the ruins of a Lost City. In addition, not really understanding what that significant discovery and finding pieces of goldsmithing, start looting the graves.

Currently, we can discover it by immersing ourselves in the Sierra Nevada. A journey of four days, crossing rivers, valleys and immense rocks and exposing the body to the limit. There is a reward, of course. Contemplate the terraces and feel the magic they give off! The Lost City is one of the most important treks in Latin America. Above all, a focus that recounts the passing of decades and the cultural richness of pre-Columbian societies. So Visit Ciudad Perdida. You should read what to do and not do at Ciudad Perdida.

“When we exhaust and experience all ancestral knowledge then we can head towards the stars.” Damir Bianchi 2019

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