External Customers:

  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., offers alternatives of pleasant tourist products, at competitive prices and with a satisfactory quality.
  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., is an agency authorized to provide services to Lost City, by an agreement with indigenous and peasant communities of the region (trekking committee agreement).
  • The guides of MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., have experience and extensive knowledge in indigenous culture, to provide assertive and reliable advice to our customers.
  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., guarantees a quick response to our clients’ requests.
  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., offers the client all the alternatives and means of virtual and face-to-face payments.
  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., offers incentives to hotels and travel agencies for each client referred.

Internal Customers:

  • At MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., a family atmosphere is maintained and a peaceful work environment is guaranteed, with the opportunity to be rewarded for highlighting institutional values.
  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., carries out integrations among the employees of the Agency, celebrating special dates, as well as with the service providers linked to the main operation of the company, developing recreational activities, to strengthen coexistence, improve work performance through training and identify opportunities for improvement based on the concerns or suggestions expressed by the members of the Agency.
  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., offers its employees and their families discounted tourism products in order to encourage the development of different skills and promote active participation in the experiences of tourism products offered by the company.
  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., offers its employees wellness activities such as gym membership and facilities to make loans to employees without interest and with payment facilities.
  • MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S., offers its employees performance bonuses to reward the good performance of the tasks entrusted.
  • All members of MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA S.A.S. are treated with courtesy and respect.