SUSTAINABILITY: Magic Tour Colombia works consciously to provide a quality service that guarantees sustainable development from the environmental and socio-cultural level within our destinations and tourism proposals. Respecting the communities, their heritage, values and traditions. 

Sustainability Policy 

MAGIC TOUR COLOMBIA SAS, stand out the national culture by offering tourist products that stand out the beauty in the different destinations, in their natural habitat, protecting their physical and fundamental values, promoting the economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the communities of influence with a team Highly committed to excellence in service and assertive communication, among the different public interest, that help the progress and protection of the ecological, social and cultural heritage of the country. 

We work on continuous improvement, establishing bilateral profit relationships with the communities, contributing to intellectual growth with the local population, strengthening their processes and being compliant with the legal requirements of the operated destinations. Magic Tour Colombia S.A.S. undertakes to promote law 679 passed on August 3rd/2001, whose objective is the establishment of norms to prevent and counteract the exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with minors, in development of article 44 of the Political Constitution of Colombia. In this regard, it is our duty to inform all our users, customers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers about compliance with Article 17 of Law 679/2001: The sexual and labor exploitation and abuse of minors are criminally and administratively sanctioned in Colombia.


  • Increase the economic impact in the local community where MAGICT TOUR COLOMBIA operates.
  • Promote the conservation and proper management of the Flora and Fauna present in the destinations we promote, taking into account the environmental characteristics of the area.
  • Promote the conservation and proper management of the cultural heritage present in the destinations we promote.
  • Encourage the saving and proper use of energy resources and water to all employees and contractors promoting responsible consumption during the development of the activities of the organization.
  • Generate a positive change in consumption habits, seeking the reduction and reuse of waste generated.
  • Comply with established legal requirements.
  • Facilitate tools that promote the prevention of CSEC, which threatens the rights of children and adolescents, the safety of tourist destinations and damages the country’s image.
  • Sensitize and train personnel with training to generate a culture of sustainable tourism management.


Magic Tour Colombia understands that the world revolves around our daily actions, that is why we work on a sustainability policy that guarantees good practices within the framework of our CSR. During 2022, we achieved the recovery of the following waste: