Visit Minca Colombia What to do? Where to go?

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Visit Minca Colombia is a stop that you must make if you are in Santa Marta. This small town is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. At minca you will live a totally different experience from the rest of the city.

Are you wondering what makes it so special? One of the reasons is its excellent location that allows having a pleasant climate and doing different activities.

Minca is called the ecological capital of Colombia. You can find the diversity of flora and fauna.

This small town has become one of the favorite destinations of travelers from all over the world. Know what you must know to enjoy this incredible place.

How to get to Minca?

To get to Minca you can take a tour with an agency. They usually pick you up at the hotel where you are staying and the tour can take about 50 minutes, and it also includes different activities in town.

 Another option is to go by bus. Go to the public market in Santa Marta and find the bus station to Minca. The small bus or car leave once is full. It is about an hour away and up the mountain. Also, you can catch a private taxi or moto-taxi. 

Finally, if you are an athletic person and have your bike, you can also get on it. Many cyclists take this route every day. However, keep in mind that it is a mountain with many curves and you must be in good physical condition. 

isit Mirador de los pinos Minca

Things to do in Minca

Visit Minca Colombia is fantastic. Minca offers a wide variety of activities and places to visit. The first thing you can do is ride around the town. There is the main church, there are restaurants and you will also find a spa area to enjoy the nice river. 

Other activities you can do are: 

Coffee or cocoa tour

An excellent idea to continue your adventure in Minca, you can do it at Hacienda la Victoria.  There you can try a cup of delicious Colombian coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. You will also learn about the process, the plantation, and the environment of this coffee region.

In the town, there is also a cocoa museum that will immerse you in the world of cocoa and chocolate under an experience full of history and delicious tastings. 

Tour the cafe at Minca Colombia

Pozo Azul Minca

This place is a set of several natural pools with small waterfalls. To get there you can walk from the Minca town for one hour or get there by motorcycle taxi and then take a short walk.  This is undoubtedly an incredible place to connect with nature and take a delicious bath. 

Minca santa marta

Marinka Waterfalls

This is another plan to get in touch with nature. You will also be able to bathe under the icy water of the waterfalls. To get there, you can walk from Minca, which takes about 45 minutes. On the other hand, you can go by motorcycle taxi and it takes about 10 minutes. Remember to bring insect repellent and take some nice pictures. 

Birdwatching en Minca

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a privileged place for having the largest number of endemic birds in the country. In minca you can do bird watching and see several of them. There are several levels of bird watching, depending on your level of knowledge or experience.

One of the flagship places for bird watching is the Reserva del Dorado near San Lorenzo which is run by Fundación Proaves. We are privileged to have one of the most important reserves in South America and with the highest concentration of endemic bird species in the whole continent. 

Avistamiento de aves Minca

Mirador de los pinos

At about 1,500 meters above sea level and approximately 10 km from Minca is the Mirador de los pinos where you can see the city of Santa Marta. You can get there by 4×4 car, motorbike or bicycle. 

Mirador de la Tagua and San Lorenzo 

At 2600 m.a.s.l. in San Lorenzo. If you love landscapes and nature you must also visit these beautiful places where you can appreciate the view of the Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, the Caribbean Sea, and the beautiful city of Santa Marta. You can get there by 4×4 car, motorbike or bicycle. 

Kennedy Hill In Minca

A mountain with an approximate altitude of 3100 m.a.s.l., which mostly remains foggy. It is worth getting up early to appreciate the beautiful view of the place and if you are lucky and it is not cloudy you will be able to see the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It is a place full of magic and nature where the great variety of birds in our territory abounds. You can get there by motorbike or bicycle. In this place, you can find the Military Base of the Colombian Army. 

Finally, if you want to stay one night in Minca you can find a great offer of hostels with beautiful views that will leave you breathless. There are also many restaurants to enjoy typical local food, vegetarian and international options. Remember Visit Minca Colombia is one of the best options. 

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