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Article & Photography  by Citlali Flores

Lost City or known by locals like Teyuna Colombia has been one of the most difficult trekkings I’ve done, but nevertheless beautiful, this adventure of 4 days tour to Lost City was healing, challenging and full of teachings. There were many mental obstacles in my way, but the best is just ignore it to keep walking a path that seemed endless.

We had to cross rivers, climb hillsides, climb mountains, cross bridges, climb stones of the size of a house, that was the road of a day during the 4 days that lasted the trek, to reach our goal, get to Lost City and return back to civilization healthy and saved.

This is the Map of Lost City, you will find it at the beginning of your trek.

This does not mean it could be your experience, if you are used to walk for long hours, then you have nothing to worry about, in my case it was very different, because I’m not used to long treks, and that was a challenge for me , mainly because there were many things that I ignored and having known that I had have much better experience.

That is why he decided to write this Lost City ultimate guide so that you can enjoy your Lost City adventure to the fullest and in every aspect, with this guide I am sure that you can take as much as possible of your physical activity or maybe you will realize if the Lost City 6 days tour suit better for you.

Lost City Day 1: This is just the beginning

Lost City Colombia 1
An amazing team with a great guide, Gabriel thank you for everything!


During day 1, we arrived at Mamey, a small town in the low area of Sierra Nevada, you’ll take your lunch and you’ll meet your fellow travelers for the next few days. Many guides say that this is a heavier day but to be honest, for me it was the easier, despite you have walk approximately 3 hours with no tree shadow during the whole trek until you get to the first camp where you will sleep.

Lost City Colombia 2
Our lunch for day 1 in the Mamey.
Lost City Colombia 33
Remember to tell your travel agency for food special requirement like vegetarian.


That day that was nothing compared to what will come, in my experience it was not hard. We arrived at the camp before 6pm in the afternoon, with enough time to swim the river, oh that water was so refreshing, that crystal clear waters is the best after a hard walk.

Lost City Colombia 5
This was our first camp.


Lost City Colombia 6
Swimming in this river was so good to recharge battery.


At 7pm  dinner was served, which was a delicious fried fish, accompanied by rice and salad, also we had some  time to share before falling sleep as a babies after a hard day of walk.

Lost City Colombia 7
This was our dinner, delicious fresh fried fish.

Tips to succeed:

• Walk slowly if you are not a very experienced explorer, this will save you from injuries in the following days.
• Rest very well tonight, because a long and hard day awaits you tomorrow.
• Use sunscreen all the time, at the end of the tour you will see why.
• Refresh in the river when you arrive at the camp, it is the best way to recover energies.

Lost City Day 2: Mental Strength

Lost City Colombia 3
This is one of the river you have to cross during the trek, when is raining season this rivers tend to increase.


Lost City Colombia 17
You will find beautiful landscapes so get your camara ready.


During this day you will only see the road and more way to go, it is essential in this day to be positive  in those moments you have to control your mind. Here you’ll start the day at 5 am, the breakfast will be served at 5:30 am to start the walk at 6am in the morning.

During the day you should control your breath and mind, you must be prepared to resist several hours of walking (maybe more than 8), remember go slow or at our own rhythm, it can help you to avoid injuries in the next day, be also prepared with a par of Ibuprofens.

Lost City Colombia 12
For me the best views are in day 2.


At 1pm in the afternoon you will arrive at the camp, you will have a delicious lunch, and know the  camp where you will stay the next night. For me this day have the best landscapes, because you are entering the heart of the Sierra Nevada, with almost virgin and few explored areas and the best is yet to come.

lost city colombia_ok
Have you seen all this kind of greens before?


After lunch you have to keep walking for the next 3 hours until arriving at 6pm at the Paraíso camp, where you will sleep, and if you still have energy  you can jump into the river to take a refreshing swim. Get ready because the next day a great day awaits you, this is the main reason to trekking Colombia Lost City.

Lost City Colombia 30
Finally, arriving to this camp was like heaven.


Tips to succeed:
• Remember to warm up before starting the walk.
• Take a small bottle of  water or a Gatorade and candies for the trek.
• Take ibuprofen or dolex, just in case something starts to pain along the way, that don’t stop you.
• I recommend taking a bath but not wetting your hair, it is to much humidity and it may not dry (my hair took days to dry up there).


Lost City Day 3: The discovery of Teyuna Colombia

lost city colombia
Lost City Colombia.

During this day the main motivation is that finally you will get to Lost City, after walking for 2 hours, climb 1,200 steps and cross a river you will see the amazing Teyuna Colombia, which are more  than 211 ancient terraces of the year 700 AD built by the Taironas, that still surrounded by almost intact vegetation, and if you’re lucky you’ll see some Kogui family with their children that will surely throw stones at you if you try to take a picture of them.


Lost City Colombia 23
Get ready to climb 1,200 steps.


This day also begins early, at 5:30 all the groups are having breakfast. The Paraiso camp is characterized by being shared with the rest of the agencies (like camp 2), so you will see large groups of people in a big dining room, they always serve the same food for all, agencies are  well organized for logistics and shopping supplies, in a extreme conditions such as these, a good organization is essential.

Lost City Colombia 18
Prepared for having dinner before rest.


Food, cooking gas and everything they have there is transported through mules or horses, to create a functional camp, everything must be very well organized. The camp is made of several cabins where they offer a stay in beds or hammocks if the season is high and there are many people, it is likely that you’ll sleep in a hammock, so I recommend going up in low season and in a not raining season. 

Lost City Colombia 4
Some people ask why this tour is so expensive, well this is why, all food and provisions are hard to carry, in extreme conditions such as these, a good organization is essential.

At 6:30am  the journey to Ciudad Perdida begins, you will cross a river by the shore, but at about 40 meters high, by a natural stone corridor, worn bridges and plenty vegetation, so it is essential good trekking shoes, comfortables and anti-slip, they will help you to survive  during the whole trek.

Lost City Colombia 21
This river was the hardest one, you have to take your shoes off and hold.


At 7:30am and after crossing a river, you will be stepping on the first steps of a total of 1,200, the last big effort before arriving probably breathless (I told you it was not easy).

Lost City Colombia 28
This steps are hard to climb but the view is beautiful that you’ll forget about it.

Once up you can experience the sound of nature, the roar of trees that announce the presence of a hidden past that left without leaving many traces of what was once a prosperous and powerful civilization.

In this place you’ll breathe magic, you can perceive the power of nature that begins to embrace you and imposes itself as a great fortress of trees, hillsides, waterfalls and the sound of birds. The feeling is unforgettable, you will see that the site is vibrating much more magic than I can describe here.

Lost City Colombia 29
From the top of one of the terraces.

If you are lucky like us, you can meet and have the blessing of Mamo Romualdo, one of the 4 leaders of the indigenous communities (Kogui, Aruacos, Taironas and Wiwas), who lives in the back area of Lost City, his family and he are the responsible for preserving the area and authorizing special permits.

After the tour of these 211 terraces, where your guide will give you an explanation about the place, its history and its origins, you will begin to descend until you reach the escalators where you will start your trip back to the camp where you will have lunch and prepare to go down to the camp where you had lunch the day before and that’s where you’ll sleep.

Lost City Colombia 25
Here in the map, you will see the explored area of Lost City, but there is a much more that haven’t been explored yet.

Tips to succeed:
• Remember to warm up before starting the walk.
• Take a small bottle of water that you can buy at the camp.
• Apply sunscreen.
• Get a stick for trekking, it can be a wood stick and the guide can help you get one, this will help you climb the 1,200 steps that await you.

Lost City Day 4: Returning to civilization

Lost City Colombia 19
Going back after climbing to Lost City.

This day will take the last effort that you had destined, although they are less hours, in my experience it was equally hard that the previous day, since you will have to walk for 7 hours through difficult terrain that is composed mostly of hills and long slopes (that you descended before ), the walk also begins at 6am, you will cross 2 rivers, in one you will have to take off your shoes, and the other fortunately have a bridge.

lost city colombia
One of the rivers, amazing views awaits you.

More or less like at 10 am you will be arriving at camp 1 (where you slept the first night, remember?), Here you can take a short break of about 15 minutes, they will give you water and fruit, that will give you energy for the road.

If you are exhausted (remember you have already walked for 3 days), you have a comforting option, from that last camp and 1:30 hour walking, is the Zaino area, a small town on the top of the Sierra Nevada, where you will have the option of taking a motorcycle taxi or a mule, which will save you 2 hours more of walking and you will arrive at Mamey (town where you arrived the first time) in 20 minutes.

Lost City Colombia 31
In some of the rest points, you can see militaries sharing with koguis.

This option is commonly taken by those who are very sick or had some injury along the way, it is very common stomach infections because of water, because the water makes it drinkable through purifying pills, but if you consider that your defenses are weak, I recommend you buy bottled water in the camps instead of taking the one they offer you in the camp for free.

More or less like at 12 pm or 1 pm of the day, you will be arriving at the Mamey, happy, tired and satisfied of this great experience that without a doubt something will leave in you, it is a great effort that always results in something positive, the Mamo told us that we could not leave empty of there, there’s something that we should learn and I am sure that the Sierra will leave you something to take you home as it was with me.

Lost City Colombia 14
Some of the quotes you will find during your way, motivation is always necessary! “What makes you keep going? What is motivating you?”

Tips to succeed:
• If you go too late, sick or very tired, it is better to take a motorcycle taxi for the last route, which no longer offers many landscapes, it is the most populated route to the Mamey.
• Remember to save some money for the last day, you will need to buy Gatorade, juice or pay the motorcycle taxi.
• At this point many are injured by the previous days , I recommend saving a couple of pills for the road if needed.
• When you are at the Mamey, remember to celebrate with a cold beer your triumph and say cheers!

Basic recommendations for Lost City

Lost City Colombia 32
We all made it! Lost City 2018

The tour to Lost City Colombia, is one of the most famous in South America, and without a doubt it is one of the unforgettable trekkings, although I must say that it is essential to have an interest for long walks or mountaineering.

Another option for those less experienced is to choose the Lost City 6 days trek, where in fact it is much more relaxed and easy. In the past it was only done like this, now having changed the operation and logistics of this tour, it is possible to receive more travelers and offer a better service, needing less time to get to Lost City.

What to bring?

  • Three yoga pants or pants that can dry quickly (humidity is very high).
  • Sandals (Hawaiian type)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • A long pants, sometimes during the nights temperature descend.
  • A long-sleeved sweater
  • Lantern
  • Three shirts
  • Swimsuit
  • Light towel or yoga towel.
  • Personal hygiene items: soap, toilet paper, toothpaste.
  • Small backpack, try not to carry many things, only what is necessary.
  • Plastic bags (for rain)
  • 3 or 4 pairs of socks.
  • If you take medicine bring it,  also something to ease the pain as Ibuprofen or dolex.
  • ID
  • Cash

On the internet you can find multiple Lost City reviews and several Lost City tour companies operating this tour, although from my experience I can tell you that most of agencies offer basically the same at same controlled price for Lost City trek, all must pay a contribution to the indigenous community of $30,000 COP for each tourist that goes up to Teyuna.

The Koguis benefit from this tourism because their help is indispensable to be able to make the food and supplies get to the camps, no one knows better than them the terrain and the conditions.

Lost City Colombia 32
Kogui community that live on the top of Lost City, family of Mamo Romualdo.

In this way, the agencies contribute to the development and well-being of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, considered as national heritage, which is currently administered by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICAH), a state entity under the Ministry of Culture.

The route to Lost City is the same with all the agencies, the service offered is perhaps the only thing that could differentiate between one another, the years of experience and the ability of the agency to support any situation, that is the main value offer that could help you choose a good agency.

Teyuna Colombia is one of the most recommended destinations if you want to discover the Colombian native heritage, it is undoubtedly a living heritage that deserves to be lived and known, by anyone regardless of nationality, you just need to appreciate nature and understand the value of a living culture preserved for more than 1,300 years as are the Taironas from which descend the Koguis, Aruacos and Wiwas.

Lost City Colombia 10
Some of the Koguis you will find during your trek.

Today we can still enjoy all this, because it is also true, what are the national assets of any country, if they can not be enjoyed with conscience? We are a living part of the universe, and at the same time we are the universe experiencing itself, remember that.


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February 17, 2018
I have to wonder how many people do not finish this grueling trip, but on the bright side, it appears that it was worth the effort.
February 17, 2018
For sure worth the effort, this views are only possible in this trek. Absolutely recommend it!
February 17, 2018
I love long walks but this really sounds like a challenge! Thanks for the heads up!
February 17, 2018
Hello Ethel! This is a beautiful trek, I absolutely recommend it!
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Hello Denny, Thank you for your comments! Actually this is an amazing trek, not to be missed for trekking lovers and tourists coming to Colombia.
February 18, 2018
It seems like a great tour. I once did a trekking like that in Thailand and although it was quite hard I have very good memories about it even 10 years later.
February 18, 2018
Hello Sylvia, Oh yes! That is true, the best of this trek is that you'll keep this in your memories. If sometime you are coming to Colombia, you shouldn't miss this experience!
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What an amazing experience! I really would love to visit Columbia. I'm not sure I could have handled the 1,200 steps though! Other than that, the trek looks wonderful, especially the river crossings.
February 21, 2018
Hello Ella! Yes, come to Colombia and experience this amazing trek, that would be something to remember. Cheers!
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What a trip! It sounds and looks amazing, but I think I would opt for the six-day trip. I think I would find it the four-day trip hard, I like walking but not for eight hours a day! Your tips are great for what you really need to bring with you, as I would not have a clue.
February 21, 2018
Hello Lucy, Thank you for your comments. Actually it is an amazing experience, the 6 day trip is the easiest way to cross this beautiful land, full of magic and green! Colombia awaits for you!
February 21, 2018
The scenery all around in the Lost City looks so picturesque and gorgeous - a fantastic escape into the embrace of nature. Looks terribly exhausting though, kudos for completing the hike! :)
February 21, 2018
Hello Nathan, Thank you for your comments. Actually it is hard for rewarding, anyway there is another option to trek this tour, the 6 days tour is ideal for those who wants to take their time without rush. No matter how you would like to do it, I recommend it a lot! An experience to remember! Cheers.
February 22, 2018
This place is absolutely amazing! The food looks delicious as well :)
February 23, 2018
Hello Mohammed, The food is absolutely delicious, you should experience this amazing place if coming to Colombia. Best.
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I really enjoyed reading this. It's my kind of hike with nature and the opportunity to meet the locals. And a chance to see the Lost City at the end of it -- it kind of reminds me of that old children's TV series, Cities of Gold.
February 23, 2018
Hello Chris, Thank you for your comments. Indeed this is a trek full of nature and ancient information, few travelers or trekking lovers know about this tour in Colombia, but definitely is a must for trekking lovers. Colombia and Lost City awaits for you!
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I love treks and reading about them. I hope one day I am able to take them with awesome people like you who dare to lose the sight of civilization. Apart from mental and physical strength one must have the love to explore new things. I would love to see Sierra Nevada someday and travel through those greener than green paths.
February 26, 2018
Hello Moimehr, Thank your for your comments. Absolutely! Sierra Nevada is a magical place that everyone that come to Colombia should visit it, is an unforgettable experience. We'ld be very happy to welcoming if you decide to visit it someday! Cheers!
February 26, 2018
WOW I really loved reading this post, it is exactly the type of place I love, I love adventures and your photos show that this was a great adventure. I enjoyed the scenery and information you provided annd bookmarked for future reference, as I am really keen to do this, the lost city looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this detailed wonderful post.
February 26, 2018
Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for your comments, we really appreciate it. Lost City in Colombia is a must when coming to Colombia and if you are a trekking lover, this 4 days trek is definitely a magical tour, full of nature, jungle energy and antique places. We'ld be very happy to welcome you, Colombia awaits for you! Cheers.
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wow this trek looks beautiful and just up my alley! This is something I would love to do if I visit Colombia, which is quickly growing on my list of places to visit. I love the photos, the jungle looks so beautiful and lush.
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Hello Gaby, Thank you for your comments. Absolutely! This is a must if you come to Colombia and if you are a trekking lover, this is a magical place that worth the visit. Colombia and Magic Tour awaits for you! Best.

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