Magic Tour Colombia

Smiles in all destination

Magic Tour Colombia is a contemporary company, committed to Traditional Cultures and Sacred Territories. It has an excellent group of local guides trained to offer the best adventure in terms of information Ethnocultural, Botanical, Archaeological and Ecological Walks.

We have a highly qualified team with more than 16 years of experience in the tourism sector.

Our receptive tourism division, has created tourism products, aimed at satisfying 100% the expectations, tastes and needs of each of our passengers, offering packages for family vacations, business trips, student groups, incentive groups, Honey moon, ecotourism and adventure, for youth and senior citizens.

Magic Tour Colombia, highlights the national culture by offering tourism products that highlight beauty in different destinations, in their natural habitat, protecting their physical and fundamental values promoting the economic and cultural well-being of communities of influence, with a highly committed human team with excellence in service and assertive communication, among the different stakeholders that help the progress and protection of the country’s ecological, social and cultural heritage.

Magic Tour Colombia is part of Corpoteyuna, a corporation that looks after the welfare of the indigenous and peasant communities that inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

We work on continuous improvement, establishing bilateral profit relations with the communities, providing intellectual growth with the local population, strengthening their processes and being compliant with the legal requirements of the destinations operated.

Magic Tour Colombia is committed to promoting law 679 approved on August 3, 2001, which aims to establish standards to prevent and counteract exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with minors, in the development of article 44 of the Political Constitution from Colombia.

In this sense, it is our duty to inform all our users and clients of Article 17 of Law 679/2001: The sexual exploitation and abuse of minors are criminally and administratively sanctioned in Colombia.


We generate smiles in all destination for national and foreign clients through sustainable tourism experiences of quality and trust.


In 2025 Magic Tour Colombia will be recognized for providing tourism experiences to national and international clients in Colombia, through a sustainable and innovative culture, with qualified personnel and a pleasant work environment.