5 interesting things to do in Cartagena

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Today we present 5 interesting things to do in Cartagena. This is one of the most magical cities in Colombia. It is well known for its walls, colonial architecture and beautiful beaches. But today we present you 5 activities out of the ordinary that you will surely love to do. 

Touring the historic center by bicycle

While enjoying a bike ride, you can get to know the history of Cartagena’s streets. You can fall in love with the colonial and republican beauty of its historic center. You will surely enjoy touring the city that has been the scene of movies and inspired many writers to write about love, a special plan to enjoy with your family, partner or friends. 

Delight yourself with local delicacies

Traditional Caribbean food Tour

Caribbean food, and in this case Cartagena’s, is very varied and delicious. Its gastronomic richness is one of the city’s trademarks and charms. The fried foods, exotic fruits, typical sweets and even the local beers will fascinate you. And what better way to enjoy them than in truly emblematic places, with recipes prepared by locals. We recommend a very special tour in which you will taste the most typical food and drinks of this city. 

Learn about the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Márquez

Realismo Magico Gabo en Cartagena - MagicTour Colombia


Most likely when you hear about magical realism you think of Aracataca, the land of Gabo. But Cartagena was also one of the cities that inspired the Nobel Prize winner for literature for his enchanting works. And in many parts of the city you can see and learn about its history. For this we recommend you to take a guided tour with an expert on Gabo’s life and work. 

Visit the Bazurto market 

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Bazurto is a market with more than 40 years of history. It is the traditional place for the people of Cartagena to do their daily shopping. There you can really get to know the local culture. A different view of the city. 

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Visit Palenque

Palenque Colombia Tours

This plan is on the outskirts of Cartagena. Palenque is known for being the first free town in America. It is a cultural and intangible heritage of humanity. In its streets you can breathe history and tradition. Its inhabitants know and feel as their own the struggle for freedom that their ancestors had. This is undoubtedly a completely unique plan that will give you a different view of the history of our country. 

An Extra


Do not forget to visit the islands of the rosary with beautiful and charming beaches. Where you can relax, eat delicious food and enjoy the sea. 


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