Exotic Tropical Fruits of Colombia you need to try when travel to Colombia

Colombia has a great variety of Exotic Tropical Fruits that you will undoubtedly love to try. Due to its privileged location and different climates, in the regions of the country you can find fruits of all colors and flavors. Exotic Tropical Fruits will be a party for your palate to be able to eat some of these. 

Tasting the Exotic Tropical Fruits that are harvested in Colombia has become a desire of many people worldwide. That is why the exports of many of these have increased in recent years. 

Besides eating the whole fruit, in Colombia it is customary to make different recipes such as sweets, jams and fruit juices. The perfect companion for all hours of the day.  

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Some Exotic Tropical Fruits we recommend

The banana

It’s also called guineo. This fruit is very popular in some regions of the country because besides being delicious it is super cheap. The Urabá of Antioquia, in the Magdalena and Guajira regions are the main producers of this fruit. It is consumed both whole and in juices with milk, fruit salads and sweets. 

On the other hand, its green version is widely used on the Atlantic coast, especially in Magdalena, to prepare cayeye, the typical food of the department.  

The mango

This fruit has some varieties, among the best known is the sugar, yarn, and chancleta. All of these have some differences in texture and flavor. Mangoes provide many vitamins and minerals.  Magdalena, Cundinamarca and Tolima are the main producers of this fruit. During the harvest season you can buy mangoes everywhere. 

The pitahaya

It’s an exotic fruit with a delicious sweet taste. It is also one of the fruits with the most export potential. Huila, Nariño, Cundinamarca and Valle del Cauca are the main producers of this fruit. The pitahaya can be consumed whole and in juice. 

The borojó

This exotic fruit is known mainly because many claim it has aphrodisiac powers. It is very popular in the Colombian Pacific. In Colombia it is usually consumed in juice with milk.

The avocado

The avocado is known more as a lunchtime companion. It is part of the ingredients of the famous ‘bandeja paisa’. Although you can also make desserts or juice. The avocado provides good fats and many vitamins. You will surely love it! 

Other popular Exotic Tropical Fruits in the country are melon, guava, tree tomato, coconut, passion fruit, among many others. When you visit Colombia you will surely enjoy eating many of these. Give yourself the opportunity to discover new flavors that are also very good for your health.


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