6 Things to do in Santa Marta Colombia: Best activities, restaurants and hotels

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In this blog we present things to do in Santa Marta and recommendations of hotels, hostels and restaurants. Santa Marta is a naturally magical city. Here you can live unforgettable experiences. Whether you love nature, the beach, the mountains or just looking for a place to relax, in Santa Marta you can find a little bit of everything. In this blog we tell you some of the activities you can’t miss. And of course also where to stay, eat and party. 

Places to visit:

Tayrona Park:

Tayrona Park Tours

A beautiful natural park. It is one of the most beautiful in Colombia. There are beautiful beaches like Cabo San Juan and Playa Cristal. It is also surrounded by mountains, wild animals and vegetation. To visit Tayrona Park you can choose to stay several days, there are lodging options such as hostels or camping. Or if you have a few days and want to visit other places in the city as well, then you can take a tour. Get to know here our day tour options. 


It is known as the ecological capital of Colombia. It is a totally enchanting paradise. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. There you can tour the town that has a great gastronomic offer. There are also beautiful nature trails for walking. You can visit waterfalls and natural pools. Also you can go on cacao or coffee tours, bird watching and much more. You may be interested in: Tour to Minca

Visit an Indigenous Community:

cultura Palomino - Pueblo Kogui Seiwiaka - Magic tour
cultura Palomino – Pueblo Kogui Seiwiaka – Magic tour

A plan to connect with your roots. In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta inhabit 4 communities: Wiwas, Koguis, Arhuacos and Kankuamos. Some of these villages have opened their doors to the public to teach a little about their culture and traditions. Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes surrounded by nature. Some tours that you can do to get to know the communities are: Wiwa Gotzeshy Village and Atazi Trip.  

La Quinta de San Pedro:

It is an old and beautiful hacienda located about 5km from the center of the city. It is a very emblematic place because the liberator Simón Bolívar died there. In this visit you can visit the museum and gardens. You may be interested in: City Tour Santa Marta


Ecological Adventure in Santa Marta | Taganga santa marta | Magic Tour Colombia

A fishing village located just 15 minutes from the historic center.It is a beautiful place to see the best sunsets. There are also very nice beaches ideal for snorkeling. Normally you visit Taganga first and then go to Playa Grande walking or for convenience by boat for a few minutes.

The historic center:

museo del oro

Walk through the beautiful streets of the historic center and visit places like the cathedral, the gold museum and finish in the bay to take a picture at the Santa Marta sign. 

If you have more days available and you like adventure, visit the Lost City.

lost city trek colombia

This archaeological site is one of the most important in the country. This tour is also considered one of the most important treks in South America. It is a 4 or 5 day adventure in the middle of the jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. In this tour you will be able to learn more about the indigenous communities. You will also enjoy nature and unique landscapes. 

Where to stay?

In Santa Marta there are many places to stay. Some of the best known areas to stay are: the historic center, the rodadero, the Tayrona area and the Bello Horizonte area. In turn you will find hotels and hostels with budget and amenities for all tastes. 

Some lodging options:


Hostels: La Villana, Masaya, Rua Hostel, Distrito Hostel and Viajero Santa Marta

If you prefer hotels: Best Western Plus Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn and AC Santa Marta Marriot. Boutique options: Casa Rosa Hotel Boutique, Casa de Isabella or Don Pepe


On the road to Tayrona: 

Viajero Tayrona, The Journey Hostel, Eco Hostal Yuluka. 


Bello Horizonte:

If you prefer a resort in the area of Bello Horizonte you will find: Zuana Beach Resort, Marriott Resort Playa Dormida and Irotama. 


How to get around?

In Santa Marta you can get around by bus, these have coverage in most parts of the city and the fare is approximately $2,300. You can also take a cab, the price will depend on the distance, the minimum fare is $7.000. If you prefer to rent a car, there are agencies such as Localiza, which is located at the airport and downtown. Finally, if you prefer private transportation, you can hire this service with us. 


Where to eat? 

In Santa Marta there is a wide gastronomic offer. In the historical center for example you can go to restaurants like: Guásimo, Ouzo, Andrés Paradero, Coco Marina, Donde Chucho and Santa Mesa. If you want something more relaxed like fast food you can go to The Bull, El Cartel or Quile.


Now that you know all this, we encourage you to discover this beautiful city.

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