How is the Lost City Tour?

How is the Lost City Tour?. This wonderful trekking located in the city of Santa Marta in Colombia, is one of the most incredible trekking to visit in all South America, the landscapes, the nature and the indigenous culture that is there, are just some of the reasons to visit it. 

But being one of the most amazing trekking, it means that it is one of the most challenging as you go for 4 days in the jungle. Its difficulty level is between medium-high due to the weather conditions in which it is done (heat and humidity) and the total hours we walk each day, and it is one of the experience you can’t miss if you are on vacation in Colombia. 

First day:

The trekking starts in a village called “Machete” or also known as “El mamey”. It is one of the most exciting days, you do not know anything about what awaits you, but still the excitement is great. On this first day you will walk for 4 hours, until you reach “camp one” or better known as “camp Adan”, on the way you will see incredible landscapes, surrounded by lots of nature and you will find resting places where you can enjoy a rich and juicy fruit to hydrate yourself. 

Once at the first camp prepare your swimsuit, because you will have some time to enjoy a delicious swim in a natural pool just a few minutes from the camp, this will help your body relax and refresh, at about 5:00 p.m you will enjoy a delicious dinner that will help you to finish much better that day, and now really get ready for the second day. 

Second day: 

This second day starts at 5:00 a.m you will have time to shower, change and have breakfast, on this day you will walk 8 hours so eating and hydrating is very important. We will walk for an hour and a half until we reach another resting place where you can also enjoy a delicious fruit (I highly recommend that you carry cash, because on the way there are also stores where you can buy water, handicrafts and other things).    And to get ready to walk another 5 hours more until we arrive to the second camp “Mumake” where we will have a delicious lunch. Here also prepare your bathing suit because you will find the Buritaca river where you can relax and share with the group, after that we will walk another 3 hours until we arrive to camp 3 “Lorenzo” where we will spend the night. 

Third day

Once the whole group is ready, you will walk an hour and a half to Ciudad Perdida, where you will have to climb 1,200 steps (always remember to be very careful on the way, watch where you step to avoid falling or slipping). After that hour and a half, you found the Ciudad Perdida and it is then that you realize that every effort was worth it. The view it offers, the architecture and its culture are things that give you a lot of satisfaction and a sense of triumph, it is a tour that you will never forget and that you will always remember with the same emotion. 

But that’s not all, you will have a tour of the Lost City, they will explain the culture and other things of the indigenous people who live there. After that you will start going down again until you reach camp 3 “Lorenzo”, there we will have lunch and again walk to camp 2 “Mumake” to stay overnight. 

Fourth day: 

The last day (4) ends this adventure, you will have many mixed feelings as the desire to know more is much greater. On the way back you will walk for 7 hours until you reach “Mamey” the town where this adventure started, there we will have lunch, spend time with your group, you can tell your experience among other things and again you will be in the city of Santa Marta. 

This is the end of this incredible experience that you should definitely experience once in your life, I promise you will not regret it. Every moment you live in the tour is magical and enchanting, the more you advance the more you feel like you are exploring a new world, I’m not going to lie to you the tour is hard but it is worth it.

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