Closing dates Lost City 2023

Closing dates Lost City 2023. The Lost City tour is one of the most incredible adventures in South America. If you want to do this tour you must keep in mind that the archaeological site closes once a year. The indigenous communities perform during this time a spiritual and environmental cleansing of the territory. This year the closure will be from September 1 to 30. Therefore, the tour will not be available from August 30 to September 30. 

This closure is very important for the recovery of the land. It is also very important for the indigenous groups to perform rituals for spiritual healing.  During the time they are performing these rituals, no one can witness them. That is why it is essential that there are no tourists. So, plan your visit in advance for different dates. 

What places can you visit during this time?

While the lost city is closed, you can visit other places such as Tayrona Park, Minca, Tayronaca or take tours with indigenous communities

With this information in mind, schedule your trip to this beautiful place on other dates. Book here. Follow us on Instagram

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