Tayrona Park will closed from June 1 to 15

Tayrona Park

Tayrona Park will closed from June 1 to 15. This will be the second closure of the year. It seeks, as every year, to give a break to this natural park. This initiative was created by the indigenous groups of the area and the Natural Parks Directorate. 

Why is Tayrona Park closed? 

During the time the park will be closed, the four indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Kogui, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo, seek to give this site a break. For this reason, they will carry out a process of cleaning, healing, and environmental and spiritual protection. The Natural Parks team will also monitor the state of the ecosystems and species that live there. 

These temporary closures are very important. This is intended to give the ecosystems and the species of flora and fauna of this place a rest. Also to achieve the recovery of biodiversity. During the years that have been made have had a very positive environmental result. That allows this destination has become one of the most visited in the country. 

During this period, different entities such as the police, the army, the ranger unit, among others, will constantly monitor the area to verify that the measure is complied with.

It should be noted that Tayrona Park is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia. During the rest of the year that it remains open, nationals and foreigners can enjoy it, always with responsibility and taking care of the natural environment.  This natural park is one of the treasures of Santa Marta. Undoubtedly a site that is an obligatory stop in the passage through this area of the country. 

During the time it will be closed, natural parks invites all the people who have enjoyed this beautiful place to share their photos on social networks with the hashtag #RespiraTayrona.

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