Practical guide to visiting Playa Cristal, Tayrona Park

Here you have a practical guide to visiting Playa Cristal, Tayrona Park, in Santa Marta, Colombia.

When people tell us about the Tayrona Park, one of the first places we think of is: the Cabo San Juan beach sector. But, it turns out that the park has many beaches to discover and one of the must-see is Playa Cristal.

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Useful things for to visiting playa cristal, Tayrona Park 

  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortables clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Swinsuit
  • Snacks and lunch, if you want to save money


It’s 7:00 AM and the big day starts

We were picked up very punctually at the hotel door at 7:00 AM, so the first recommendation is to have breakfast before the agreed time to start the trip.

Another tip is to buy snacks, water and something for lunch the day before the tour if you want to save money. If you are not worried about the budget, when you get to the beach you will find many options to enjoy your lunch and snacks on the beach.

About 45 minutes after boarding the bus that will take us to this new adventure, our entertaining guide tells us that we have just arrived at the entrance to the park, through the Neguanje sector.

In this place you buy the insurance and the ticket. Do not worry about it, the tour with Magic Tour Colombia includes both, then your guide will give you the corresponding handles / bracelet.

Do not take them off, these are your tickets to this great adventure.


Playa 7 Olas, Tayrona Park 

When we were all ready with our tickets, we headed on our buses to the Neguanje Pier, the place where we will take a direct boat to Playa Cristal.

Along the way, we pass a viewpoint that we cannot miss. It is the 7 Olas Beach or also called Playa Brava; It is not available for swimming but for taking good pictures.

There is a Tayrona legend, that if you can count the 7 waves in a row that form on this beach, you can make a spiritual wish; and on the seventh day of having visited this place it will be fulfilled.

Playa Cristal, Tayrona Park 

After the wonderful view, we arrive at the Neguanje pier. Where a boat was waiting for us and 10 minutes later it took us to another of the paradises that the Tayorna Park hides.

I call it paradise, because it is incredible how close to the city of Santa Marta, we can be fortunate to enjoy a whole day bathing in crystal clear waters and playing with fish on the seashore.

You cannot leave Playa Cristal without taking a snorkel tour and enchanting yourself with a coral reef so close. On this beach you do not need to swim to depths or be an expert in diving to find a seahorse or goldfish that you have never seen before.

Prices that may interest you for your visit to Playa Cristal, Tayrona Park

  • Reef snorkeling activity $ 30,000 COP per person.
  • Take an underwater picture with fishes $ 10,000 COP per person
  • Tent rental during the day $ 30,000 COP per tent. (Make friends on the tour and you can rent it together).
  • Lunch, typical dish of the region (Fish) $40.000 COP per person.
  • Coco Loco $20.000 COP.

*Prices 2020

Enjoy your adventure very much! #ItsTime


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