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If you are planning your trip to Santa Marta, you will surely be interested in knowing What to do in the Tayrona Park? 

Tayrona Park is one of the most representative places in Santa Marta. Now that we can enjoy it again, it cannot be missing from your list of places to visit after so many months without traveling. The Tayrona is one of the most important natural parks in Colombia. It is a totally magical place. It has of course beautiful beaches. But also all the nature that can be appreciated there is certainly very beautiful. 

How to get there?

To get there you can take the buses that go to the Tayrona Park from the public market in Santa Marta. From there you will make a journey of approximately 45 minutes, to the most popular entrance to the park which is the Zaino. Another option is to get off at the entrance of Calabazo but the walk is longer to the different beaches. You can also get there by boat from Taganga. Finally you have the option to take a tour. This will include transportation from your hotel in Santa Marta, the entrance to the park and the tour guide. 


What to do in Tayrona Park?

Visit the beaches:

Of course this is one of the main plans when visiting the park. Some of the beaches you can’t miss are

Cabo San Juan:

This is the most famous beach. When you look for information about Parque Tayrona you will usually find a picture of this beach. Of course it is one of the most beautiful. To get there you should take a walk of about 2 hours from the entrance of the park. There are also lodging and restaurant options. 

Playa Cristal:

This is a beautiful beach with crystalline waters. There you can swim with fish on the shore. It is ideal for snorkeling. In this beach you will have the possibility of camping. There are also places to have lunch. 

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Playa la Piscina:

It is a small and quiet beach. It is surrounded by rocks that allow the waves not to arrive with much force to the shore. Ideal to spend a few hours during the day.

To enjoy the contact with the nature

As we already mentioned, Playa Cristal is the ideal place for snorkeling. You can also do it in the pool area. You will surely be delighted with the variety of fish you will find. On the other hand, in the park you will be able to take walks to explore the nature and the different beaches. Finally, you can also enjoy a horseback ride. 

Recommendations to keep in mind

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Use sunscreen
  • Do not carry too much luggage that is uncomfortable on walks.
  • Take into account the restrictions of the beaches that are not suitable for swimming. 
  • To take cash.
  • Whichever entrance you arrive at, you must pay the price of the entrance. Remember that if you take a tour this value will be included. 


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