Cabo San Juan, the perfect place for nature lovers.

Tayrona Park Tours

Cabo San Juan is one of the best known beaches in Tayrona Park. When you googleas Tayrona Park you will surely get a picture of this beautiful place. This beach is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and there is also a variety of exotic animal species. 


How to get to Cabo San Juan?

The most common way to go to Cabo San Juan is by land. In this option, you must go by car taking the main road to the main entrance of the Tayrona Park, the Zaino, to buy tickets. And then another short drive of about 10 minutes to Cañaveral. From there, it is a walk of approximately 2 hours. Passing through the area of Arrecifes, Arenillas and the pool, until you reach Cabo San Juan. We recommend you to take a tour with us to get to know this place. 

What to do in Cabo San Juan?

As we mentioned before, Cabo San Juan is the perfect place for nature lovers. In this beach you can do activities such as snorkeling, it is also ideal for hiking, and along the way you can observe birds and animals of all kinds. If you are also looking for indigenous communities near the Tayrona Park you can visit Pueblito Taikú, the ideal place to enjoy the native culture and nature. 

Tayrona Park closing dates

If you are planning to visit Cabo San Juan or any other part of Tayrona Park, please take into account the following dates when the park will be closed:

  • February 1 to 15
  • June 1 – June 15
  • October 19 – November 2


During this time tourists will not be allowed to enter the park in order to carry out a spiritual and environmental cleansing of the park. 


Recommendations for the tour

We recommend you bring insect repellent, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, sandals, swimsuit and comfortable clothes.


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