Tips for women traveling alone

Tips for women traveling alone. Naturally, when we see a woman traveling alone, we think about how brave she is when it comes to exploring new territories and we wonder, is she afraid? This is a question that many of us women who hope to do it someday ask ourselves, but why not dare? Women are independent and very self-confident, we are always ready to explore new territories and show what we are capable of.  

Exploring the world alone gives you the opportunity to experience a sense of freedom, you will face some of your fears, you will discover that you are much stronger than you think and you will gain a lot of confidence. 

In this blog I will give you some tips for women traveling alone that you need if it is your next trip. I know it may seem suffocating at first, but relax and continue reading, I am sure that after these tips you will feel more confident and you will know where to start. 


It is advisable to be clear about what kind of place you are going to. Not only to be safe, but also to respect the cultures, religion and customs of these. To avoid having problems with that on the internet we can find thousands of data about these issues that would be of great help.


In some countries it can be difficult to get something as basic as tampons or sanitary napkins, so always carry a personal kit where you can take it and if it is much better to carry extra because you never know when it will be necessary for you or for another woman. 



Passport or identity card, and medical insurance are the most important documents you should carry with you during the trip. Take the original documents well guarded, and if possible with a padlock. Also a deposit with extra money, be sure to keep it in a separate and safe place, so you do not run the risk of any inconvenience and run out of money and documents.


Always keep your phone active, check the battery, if possible buy rechargeable batteries. Keep your close family informed (your parents, siblings or friends) this will give them peace of mind knowing that you are well. Keep a contact to whom you can send your contact information (where you are staying, if you take a cab, write down the license plate and other things) this can help them to be more informed about you. 


Do not walk alone at night in places where there are no people. Pay attention to any specific hazards or hot spots in the place you are visiting.  Make friends but always with caution, like you there are thousands of women traveling alone and sometimes you may even meet them on the road. Be very observant, so you notice small details. You can be more attentive to your surroundings and reflect on what you discover.  



One of the main obstacles why we don’t dare to travel alone is lack of confidence. Make sure you have 100% confidence to make the trip much more fun and interesting. Having to trust yourself while traveling in an unfamiliar environment makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. 


Try to arrive at your destination during the day, if you arrive at night it can be a bit confusing and you will feel nervous.  

Inform yourself about what means of transportation you will need to use when moving from your place of lodging to each of those adventures that await you. This will help you not to get lost in an unfamiliar city and you will get around more safely and easily. (If you use taxi/Uber, send the license plates of the cars to someone in your contacts so you will feel much safer).

I hope these tips will be of great help for that first trip alone that you are looking forward to. Always remember to enjoy every moment of your trip. Traveling alone opens your mind to new experiences. It also gives you the opportunity to meet people, it will help you feel peace and you will discover new facets of yourself. 

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