5 typical dishes from Santa Marta that you will surely love

When you visit Colombia, you can’t stop trying its 5 typical dishes in Santa Marta. Eating the delicacies they prepare in this city will be a great experience. Due to its location, you can prepare meals with ingredients from the sea, fruits and tubers that are harvested in this area of Colombia. 

One of the ways to enjoy the varied cultural heritage of this city is by eating the most typical recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. A great way to really get to know a place you visit is by tasting what the people who live there eat. You will also have the opportunity to learn about recipes that you probably never imagined and eat ingredients that may not even be consumed in your country or city.

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Know the 5 typical dishes of santa marta that we recommend you to try during your stay in this city:


This dish is very famous throughout the department of Magdalena, and has become quite popular along the country’s Atlantic coast. It is prepared with the guineo or green banana and the main ingredients added are butter, coastal cheese and sometimes the hogao. Depending on the time of day you eat it, you can accompany it with eggs, meat, pork rinds, among others. Without a doubt, it is one of the most delicious dishes you can try. 

Variety of Fritos

Egg arepa, carimanola, stuffed potato and the inevitable empanada are some of the most famous fried foods in the city. In Santa Marta you can find a fried food stand in almost every neighborhood. There they give their ideal touch with varied ingredients such as chorizo, sausage, chicken, egg, meat among many others. You can also add different dressings such as sauces, spices and the typical suero costeño


Seafood Cocktail

Clearly because of its location in Santa Marta, all seafood is very common. The varieties of seafood cocktails are one of those delights of the sea. The most famous is the shrimp one, but you can also try mixed ones that include octopus, chipi chipi, ray, snail, etc. In some restaurants you can add avocado and accompany it with bananas or crackers. 


Fried fish

If in Medellín they have the bandeja paisa, one can say that in Santa Marta they also have their own typical bandeja. It consists of a delicious fried fish, plantain patacones, coconut rice, and salad. The most popular fishes are mojarra, pargo, and lebranche. The best thing is to accompany it with a glass of panela water with lemon and lots of ice.

The fish is also prepared in different ways such as stew, in coconut sauce, Caribbean sauce, among others. All preparations are very delicious and accompanied by ingredients from the region.


In the recipes of the Samarian grandmothers can not miss the variety of sweets or jams, the most typical are the coconut with milk, mango and tamarind balls. The time when they are most consumed is during the Holy Week. 


Get ready for the delicious gastronomic offer that Santa Marta has to offer!

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