What to do in Taganga, Colombia? Everything what you need to know

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If you are in Santa Marta or you are planning to visit it, you will surely be interested in knowing. What to do in Taganga, Colombia? and How to get to this beautiful place?, know in this blog everything you need to know.

Taganga is a small village in Santa Marta, its inhabitants are mainly dedicated to fishing, and they have also found in tourism a job opportunity. There you can take a swim in the beach and enjoy delicious local food and drinks since they have several typical restaurants. 

This town is considered a backpacker destination par excellence, every year thousands of travelers visit Taganga, because it has its charm, for the kindness of its people, the tranquility, the delicious food and of course its beaches.

How to get to Taganga?

Taganga is only 15 minutes away from the center of Santa Marta. To get there you can take a tour with an agency, which usually picks you up at the hotel or hostel where you are staying, and includes some additional activities. You can also go by bus, if you are staying in the center just go to the fifth race and wait for the bus that says Taganga. Finally there is the option to go by cab.

What to do in Taganga Colombia?

Eat delicious food

As we mentioned the gastronomic offer of Taganga is very delicious, there you will find restaurants that offer local food with dishes mainly with ingredients from the sea and recipes that have passed from generation to generation within its inhabitants.

We invite you to watch these videos where you can learn about one of the most emblematic restaurants of Taganga:




Visit Playa Grande

To go to Playa Grande you can do so by walking along a path about 20 minutes from Taganga. If you prefer there is also the option of taking a boat. This is a very nice beach with crystal clear water. If you decide to spend the day there, you will also find restaurants for lunch. 


Taganga is well known as a diving destination par excellence. There you will find several options of schools. If you are passionate about this subject you can take short free courses or if you want to get your certificate there, with very experienced and knowledgeable instructors. 

Stay for the party

If you are going to spend the night in Taganga after enjoying the sunset you can find the best Caribbean party atmosphere. There are several options of bars and discos with music for all tastes, and drink, beer or typical cocktails of the region.

Are there lodgings in Taganga?

Of course, if you want to spend a night or several days in Taganga there are many options of hostels and inns, with prices and conditions for all tastes. 

Check out some options here: Hostels in Taganga

Finally after enjoying Taganga, you have the option to take a boat from there to the Tayrona Park and continue discovering all the beauty of Santa Marta.


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