5 places to visit in Bogota, Colombia.

Vista del cerro de monserrate

Vista del cerro de monserrate

Welcome to Bogota.

Discover the 5 places to visit in Bogota, Colombia. Bogota is overfull by traffic as many others principal cities around the world, there are lot of buildings and life runs a little faster than in other ones. Despite of this, there are different cultural events, squares, parks, and modern places; besides it has been host for important festivals and events.

So, if you are planning to go or visit to this city , Here there are 5 places to visit in Bogota, Colombia:

1. Cerro de Monserrate, Bogotá

Cerro de monserrate

Cerro de Monserrate is one of the 5 places to visit in Bogota Colombia. This mountain is 3.152 m.a.s.l. closer to the stars. There’s any doubt about you will be delighted of having the best Bogota’s panoramic view. This is the ideal place for watching sunset at the time you make a wish in the fountain or drink a hot cup of chocolate and a traditional aguapanela cup with cheese in some of its restaurants.

There are three options for getting there. If you want to do exercise, walking is a good option, so you will arrive there in one hour and half. The trail has 1.605 steps, so get ready your sport outfit and water. The schedule is setted from 5:30h to 11:00h.

Other options are by funicular or cable car where you will have a piece of the awesome view which will be waiting for you. The route is  10 minutes long and it costs $21.000 COP round trip from mondays to saturday and on sunday it costs $12.000 COP.


2. Bogota Downtown, Colombia

Grafiti cultural en Bogota

Bogota downtown zone is one of the attractives of the city, it has two unmissable places. There are different plans like walking, tasting different flavors and approaching the photographical part of Bogota.

First place is La Candelaria. The Bogota historical center where you can find a colorful colonial style on the streets and squares, cultural diversity and many other gastronomic options. Second one is Chorro Quevedo, “el chorro donde no hay chorro”. It has street art anywhere you look. Are you ready for a graffiti tour?


3. El Septimazo, Bogotá

The walk through el septimazo, is a famous route from Plaza de Bolivar to the 26th street through Seventh Avenue. There is full of art, music and color. You can find some statues of famous people who come to live, funny musical shows, art in a great scale along the roads and much more.  Let’s enjoy, and surprise yourself!


4. Botoga’s Botanical Garden

Vista de grafiti en Bogota

This is a very special place for a walk, relaxing and connect yourself with nature; a green fairytale atmosphere with a pure air make the botanical garden an unmissable place from Bogotá.

Entry for adult people it’s just $3.500 COP

5. Guatavita Lagoon, Cundinamarca

Disfrutando laguna de guatavita

Guatavita lagoon is one of the 5 places to visit in Bogota Colombia.  you will love this plan around Bogota. It is a beautiful colonial town about two hours from the city. It is cozy, and all houses have white color, with beautiful gardens and from here you can reach the Laguna de Guatavita.

To get to the town, take a bus at the corner of 72nd Street with 11th route to Guatavita for $ 9,000 COP each way. The lagoon is located in a nature reserve in the mountains of a sub-moor. So from the main square in town, take a second bus for $ 12,000 COP round trip. Entry to the reserve is $13.000 COP, for natives and $18.000 COP for foreigners. I recommend make the trekking with a guide because it has awesome stories about El Dorado legend and Muiscas tribe.

After of watching the lagoon, you should walk around the town, eating a typical food of the region in some of the restaurants or visiting another lagoon in the old Guatavita. If you want to know more about Colombia check here.

Plaza de bolivar bogota colombia

Other places in Bogota which you must to visit are 93th street park, Simon Bolivar’s Park or Jaime Duque’s Park.

Enjoy the colombian capital!


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