How to visit Medellín Colombia as an expert

Vista panorámica de Guatape en el peñol

How to visit Medellín Colombia? Visiting Medellin is say hello to the eternal spring. That’s how is knew of the most beautiful cities from Colombia. After of being the unsafest city from the world in the early 90’s, nowadays Medellin is one of the most touristic destinations from Latin America. So where its charm is?

There’s no doubt, its attractive is on the perfect climate. You won’t be annoyed by heat neither cold. There are a lot of places in the city where you could do an urban tourism. Meanwhile beautiful little towns and incredible landscapes wait for you in the surroundings.

So here you have travel tips about how to visit Medellín Colombia as an expert:

How to get to Medellin, Colombia?

Medellin has two airports. One of them is Enrique Olaya Herrra (EOH) used for national flights and is located close to El Poblado. The second one is José María Córdoba airport (MDE) which is the most frequented by tourists, this is located in Rionegro, just 40 minutes from the city.

For moving from the airport to Medellin there are several options as taxis, uber or bus. The bus is the cheapest option and it costs around $3 USD and you could take it in the airport entrance. Once you get to the city, I recommend to take a taxi or metro up to your lodge.

Where to get lodge in Medellin, Colombia?

Medellin is a big city, so get lodge near to the central zone and metro stations. The best options are El Poblado, Los Laureles and the downtown.

I recommend you El Poblado because is safe and there are interesting places where you can go out. Also you can find different lodge options according to your budget and preferences.

What you should visit in Medellin, Colombia

Teleferico en Medellin

Get your camera ready and put on comfortable clothes because a colorful city tour full of graffitis, flowers, delicious food, warm people, urban style and charm little towns which will make you to want get back.

Tip: You can move to different places by metro for less than a dolar ($2.500 COP) each way and It doesn’t take too long.

Let’s talk about unmissable places:

El Poblado, Medellín

Is the exclusive place from the city, for that you will find great malls, parks, squares and the nightlife district.

Parque Lleras in the surrounding there are several restaurants, bars, cafes and if you like parties you can find a good rumba.

My favorite place is Museo del Castillo, an incredible castle built in 1.930. It has stunning gardens as taken from a princess story and is the perfect place for appreciating art, learning history and doing picnic. You can get there by walking. The entrance price is around $5 USD, it includes a guide and the access to the gardens.

Museo del castillo en Medellin

Parque Arví

It’s a natural reserve which is part of the touristic adventure through Medellin; for getting there you have to use teleferic. In the park you can do some activities like camping, extreme sports, trekking, picnic and others.

If you have enough time you can get to the Parque Piedras Blancas and doing trekking, visiting the butterfly garden and take a walk by the river. Right there in the Parque Arví you will find “chivas” (touristic colombian buses) which take you there for free.

Jardin Botanico en Medellin

Pueblito Paisa, Medellín

In the top of the Nutibara hill, there is a regional little town replication; with traditional gastronomy options, handcraft and a panoramic view point for appreciating the sunset or the twilight.

Comuna 13, Medellín

A graffiti tour full of street art. You can’t go without taste the famous mango’s popsicle and watch the contrast about social levels. Getting there is not difficult, just take the metro up to San Javier’s station – B line. Once there, walk during 15 minutes up to the escalators where the colorful tour starts.

Medellin’s downtown

Here the plan depends on your preferences. There are museums, parks and squares for visiting. The downtown is the place to feel the city, its sounds, its smells and watch how the paisa’s daily life is. So why don’t talk with native people?

Recommended places are Plaza de Botero located next to the Berrío metro station and next to the Museo de Antioquia. Related to parks you can go in the evening to Pies Descalzos and Parque de las Luces.

Parque Explora and the surroundings

Parque Explora en Medellin

Next to Universidad Station – A line there are touristic places nearby and aren´t expensive. The first one is the botanical garden where the entrance is free and you will know about why Medellin is the capital of flowers and enjoy a relaxing time.

Other place is Parque Explora, a good place to enjoy with family and friends. The park has an aquarium and a lot of games which will challenge your mind.

Around Medellin: Guatapé, Antioquia

Disfruta de Guatape

Are you ready for falling in love with a little town? This happens when you visit guatapé, it is so colorful and charming that it is worth staying some days. The town is two hours long from Medellin, and transportation from station costs $5 USD each way.

Some of the plans you can do in Guatape is going up through the Piedra del Peñol, it is 200 meters high and at the top you will see one of the most amazing and famous Colombian views with a panoramic of the reservoir.

Take comfortable clothes and water with you, because you are about to go up through 745 steps to the top of the stone. The entrance costs around $4 USD per person.

Guatape Medellin Colombia

After of the awesome view it is time to take a ride around the town. You will want to take pictures everywhere. Additionally there you’ll have the opportunity of tasting all kind of food, including the regional typical food besides you’ll be astonished with all the creativity and beauty of Guatape. The reservoir can be visited by ferry, boat or kayak, and there are a lot of activities that you could do.

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Let’s amaze yourself and enjoy it!


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