3 places to visit in La Guajira, Colombia

Meet the 3 places to visit in La Guajira, Colombia. This department is located in the northern end of the country, bordering Venezuela. This territory has a unique charm in its different tourist sites. Being in the Caribbean it has of course beaches that you will surely like to visit. But it is also incredible for its gastronomy, culture, and the traditions of the indigenous groups of the area. 

What places to visit in La Guajira, Colombia?


This small village is the first stop in La Guajira after visiting Santa Marta and its surroundings. 

To get there you can take a bus from the Santa Marta transport terminal to the Guajira. Also in the public market, ask for the buses that go to Palomino, they are the same ones that go through Tayrona Park. 

What to do in Palomino?

Once in Palomino you can enjoy various activities. Besides visiting the beach, one of the most famous and fun plans is to go tubing in the Palomino River, which consists of climbing on big tires and letting yourself be carried away by the river.  You can also take a walk to the San Salvador River and take a bath there. 

On the other hand you will find many restaurants with all kinds of food, seafood, vegetarian, international, etc. If you are going to spend the night there and you like the rumba there are also several options bars and discos for you to get the best party atmosphere. 


Cabo de la Vela

This is a charming and paradisiacal place, with unique landscapes that you will always remember. To get there if you are in Santa Marta we recommend you take a tour with an agency, which includes transportation, activities and accommodation. You can also take a bus to Riohacha at the terminal, and ask where you can take the cars to Uribia and when you get there, take another car to Cabo de la Vela. 

What to do in Cabo de la Vela?

Before arriving, if you take a tour from Santa Marta, you will have the possibility to visit the salt mine of Manaure. During the tour, you will enjoy the views of the desert. 

You will visit the beach and the sugar pylon, visit the lighthouse and appreciate the beautiful views and the best sunsets. But the most special thing about the place is being able to meet, have contact with and learn about the culture of the indigenous communities that live there. At night you will sleep in the traditional chinchorros, something typical of the Wayuu.

Punta Gallinas

It is the most northern point of South America, in this place you will experience a complete immersion with the Wayuu culture. To get there we also recommend the option of taking a tour or like the Cabo de la Vela you can take the cars from Uribia. 

What to do in Punta Gallinas?

The first place you will surely like to visit is the Taroa Dunes, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, take beautiful pictures of the place and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  You can also visit the Punta Gallinas Lighthouse, take a boat ride in the Honduran bay, where you will have the opportunity to observe mangroves and different species of native and migratory birds such as pink flamingos, as well as enjoy the landscape and the sea.  

Of course, you will also enjoy the company of the Wayuu, their typical food and lodging in hammocks. 



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