Visit San Andrés Colombia, everything you need to know

Visit San Andrés Colombia, a paradise with a sea of ​​seven colors, great marine diversity, a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful landscapes that will make you fall in love with the Colombian Caribbean. It is surrounded by small islands that you can easily visit and each one has its charm.

¡Stay here! Coming up next, you will find everything you need to know before traveling to San Andrés, Colombia.

How to get to San Andrés, Colombia?

Nowadays it is easy to find flights to this destination, since low-cost airlines have direct flights from several cities in Colombia. In Viva Air and Wingo you find flights starting at $ 100,000 COP for flight path, if you buy them with certain months in advance.

For entering the island, you must pay a tourist card, which you pay when you check in your boarding room. Upon arrival on the island, you will pass a checkpoint where they give you a copy of the tourist card and you must keep it because they will ask you again when you leave the island.

The cost of this card is $ 116,000 COP for the year 2020, approximately $ 46USD.


Where to get lodge in San Andrés, Colombia?

Accommodation is one of the principal topics to know before Visit San Andrés Colombia. The accomodation on the island depends on your budget and your tastes:

If you are not worried about the budget and the first thing you want to see when you wake up is the sea, Spratt Bay (in the center of the island) and the San Luis area (It is far from the tourist area of the island), are the ideal accommodations for you.

If you travel on a low or medium budget, the areas near the airport are good options because you find comfortable accommodations; You can also walk to the downtown and the commercial zone of the island.

Be careful with the neighborhoods you choose, in this area some lodges are close to suburbs and can be dangerous; in my case I stayed in the Gaviotas neighborhood, and in terms of security it was fine.


What to do in San Andrés, Colombia?

Common plans during your visit in San Andres, Colombia:

Spratt Bay

Visit San Andrés Colombia is enjoy the beautiful beaches. Spratt Bay is one of the most popular beaches and with more tourist influx. It is located in the center of the island and the boats leave for tours of the nearby islands and keys.

West Wiew and La Piscinita

Beaches that are located around the island; You have to pay an entrance fee of $ 3,000 COP, they are perfect beaches for snorkeling, they also have a trampoline and slide. ¡You are going to receive a touch of adrenaline during your visit!

These beaches have reefs on their shores, home to many crabs and hedgehogs. Therefore, wear shoes to bathe in the sea and thus avoid a bad experience.

Jhonny Cay and Aquarium

San Andrés is surrounded by small islets with crystalline waters of different colors, each one has its magic and something to see.

In Jhonny Cay you can go around walking. And you will not only love its particular blue of the sea water but you will find reptiles and colored crabs on the small island. 

In the aquarium, the experience of snorkeling is on another level, there are marine species of all types (sharks, starfish, different types of fish, among others) and you can cross from one island to another walking.

The tour that includes these two places is priced at $ 25,000 COP and includes taxes.

El hoyo soplador

Like Westview, it is located on the other side of the island. To enter you must pay $ 5,000 COP or buy a Coco Loco (cocktail) for $ 20,000 COP.

Unmmissable plans during your visit in San Andrés, Colombia:

Go around the island by mula vehicle or golf cart

In my case, I preferred to rent a mula transport because they are faster and more comfortable than golf carts. My recommendation is to rent it all day since for less hours the price does not change, the cost is $ 170,000 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

An important fact is that the person who drives must have a driving pass and return the vehicle with a full tank of gasoline, just as you receive it. The cost of gasoline is  $30,000 COP, which is enough for the whole day. In addition, they ask for a deposit of $ 50,000 COP which will be refunded upon the return of the vehicle.

Uncommon, but unmissable, plans for your visit to San Andres Islands:


Can you imagine yourself knowing the whole island but from the sky? This activity allows you to live that experience while you are hanging on a parachute.

The best time to do it is 11:00 am, it costs $ 160,000 COP and it is very important that the day you choose to do it, the wind forecast is good. because if there is no breeze, chances are that the activity is not done.

Jeat boat

If you want adrenaline and fun, this is definitely your activity. It is done in West View, it costs $ 80,000 COP. Check available schedules, and arrive on time because they start on time. It lasts 15 to 20 minutes, although at first it seems a short time, believe me that it is more than enough.

Transparent kayak

special activity to tour the area of mangroves and small beaches where the most common tours do not arrive. The transparent kayak is done by native agencies so you will have the opportunity to learn more about the culture of the islanders.

The cost is $ 90,000 COP per person, includes snack and guide.

Visit Sound Bay

Sound Bay is a beach around the island, away from the tourist areas; That is why it was my favorite.

Its waters are completely crystalline and is bordered by a reef that allows bathing with fish on the shore. You find it when you walk to West View and it is certainly a mandatory stop.

Mantarrayas Tour

Feel lucky to have the opportunity to swim with manta rays. With their elegance underwater, they make the experience magical. An important recommendation is not to get them out of the water; We must be more aware of the type of tourism we do.

On the island you will find agencies that offer tours to touch them, feed them and take pictures; of course it is a sustainable zero environmental practice and that makes the life of the manta rays shorten.

If you enjoy beautiful beaches  visit tayrona park

Fun facts about San Andrés, Colombia

  • Check the weather before going and before choosing the tours. Avoid going in rainy seasons and the days of the tide are high, they probably close the keys. While on low breeze days, activities such as parasail are not available.
  • The language spoken by the islanders is Creol (Sanadresano Creole), a mixture of English with terms from African roots. They also speak Spanish.
  • The center is full of Dutyfree, perfumes, liquors and technological products have very low prices. So another plan in San Andres Islas is to go shooping.
  • Ask for everything! absolutely everything. The islanders who are guides, especially in informal tourism, usually give the information halfway.
  • Buy the tours in the cooperatives located on the main beaches; Buy the tours in the cooperatives located on the main beaches; Most of those offered in the rest of the island cost a little more than normal.
  • Most perishable foods are expensive because they are difficult to transport to the island. So take a good budget for the food.
  • Don’t expect to have a good internet connection; This is your chance to disconnect for a few days.


Enjoy your adventure a lot!

Do you know more about San Andrés? Have you already visited the island? Tell us in the comments.

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