Visit Ciénaga, Magdalena, the capital of magical realism

Ciénaga Magdalena, Colombia is the capital of magical realism.  Cienaga inspired to Gabriel Garcia Marquez for his novel One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Cienaga is National Heritage for his architectural and historical value.  This is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia. tt has been chosen for the recording of novels, films and music videos. It is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and has a great gastronomic offer.

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How to get to Ciénaga, Magdalena?

Ciénaga is only 40 minutes from Santa Marta. To get there you just have to go to the transport terminal. Buses leave every 5 minutes and cost $3,500*. You can also get to Ciénaga from Barranquilla, taking a bus to Santa Marta and stopping in Cienaga. 

*Year 2020


Things to do in Ciénaga, Magdalena

Visit Ciénaga, Magdalena Colombia gives you multiple options. Firstly when you arrive at Cienaga you can walk around its streets or choose to get a ciclotaxi or motocarro ( the most popular means of transportation in Cienaga), and go to places like: 

The Plaza del Centenario: is the most important place in Cienaga.  You can find the the Templete,  a monument inspired by Republican architecture. Also the church San Juan Bautista, the Municipal Mayor’s Office, as well as all the colonial-style houses that surround it.

The Masonic Lodge: This beautiful building is the house of the masons, it was built more than 100 years ago. In its architectural design the republican style predominates, as in a great part of the municipality.

The beach and the camellón: Walking along the beach you can stop at the statue of Tomasita and the Caiman or at the Ciénaga Universal monument. It is also the opportunity to sit down and have a beer, subsequently enjoy the delicious local food. 

The frog park: the ideal place to sit and talk. It has a beautiful fountain and the sculpture ‘Guardians of the Park’. Also, the surrounding buildings have striking murals that are ideal for a nice photo.  

In the historical center you can find a wide range of restaurants, squares and bars where you can enjoy a variety of food and drinks.

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Moreover another place to visit Ciénaga is the Ciénaga Grande of Santa Marta, one of the Colombian Biosphere Reserves. It is a beautiful place to discover a lot of  the flora and fauna. Which is formed by 26.810 hectares of water. 


The Caimán Cienaguero

It is the main festival of Cienaga. The fesival held every year in January. Its origin is based on the legend of Tomasita, a girl who left her house in the company of her sister on her birthday (January 20th). In a carelessness an alligator ate her, therefore when her parents realized it they went out to kill the animal and walked it all over the village.

Today it has become a nationwide festival. Dancers from all over the country participate by dancing and singing the verses: ‘oh pretty daughter where is your sister? The alligator ate her, daddy. Local, national and international singers and musical groups also perform.

Guillermo de Jesús Buitrago’ National Guitar Music Festival

Every year the national guitar music festival is held to commemorate the singer and composer Guillermo Buitrago, he is considered a pioneer in Vallenato.

Guitar players win awards in diferents categories in this festival.  Additionally, local and national artists perform.




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