Tips to go to BAHIA CONCHA PARQUE TAYRONA, everything you need to know

Como conocer Bahia Concha

Bahía Concha – Tayrona Park

Bahía Concha is one of the beaches of Tayrona Park, located 30 minutes from the city. It is a beautiful beach to enjoy a pleasant landscape. To go to Bahia Concha, it is advisable to arrive early because it has a capacity of 2000 people per day (although the entrance is at 8:00 a.m.). We recommend you arrive early to avoid not being able to enter and enjoy this beautiful beach.

New regulation Bahía Concha – Tayrona Park

It’s important to know that during June, July and August, only Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays you will be able to enter. On the other hand, during the days of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday visitors will NOT be allowed to enter. The entrance to Bahía Concha is free, however, you need to pay an insurance and receive an environmental talk about ecosystems. All recommendations must be followed. It is essential to act with responsibly and make good use of the area by placing the garbage in its place.

Bahía Concha has the option to camp but you must take your tent. You can find several restaurant options to eat typical food, such as: rice with coconut, patacón, salad and fish. To go to Bahía Concha, we recommend you to bring suitable clothes for warm weather, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. There is an area where you can snorkel.

How to get to Bahía Concha?

To get to Bahía Concha, you can choose different option:

  • Hire a private car (preferable 4×4 because some parts are unpaved road)
  • Tour option with one of the official agencies such as Magic Tour Colombia. see more
  • Take a public transportation to BASTIDAS, then take a shared 4×4 vehicle to Bahia Concha. They have daily departures.

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