What should you bring for the tour to Lost City?

What should you bring for the tour to Lost City?  Lost City Colombia, is one of the most wonderful trekking in all South America, this plan is designed for all those who love adventure, nature, history and culture. You will find a cultural paradise where you can appreciate countless endemic species of fauna and flora with unique and incomparable landscapes and live unforgettable experiences. 


However, it is important to keep in mind that it is a very demanding tour since you will walk for long hours, you will find a lot of mud, steep roads and you will cross rivers. That is why you should bring just what you need for this incredible tour, here we leave you a guide of what you should bring. 



We recommend a good backpack, there is no need for it to be very big, you can take one of 20 to 30 liters, since you will carry it for several hours, every day going up and down mountains, the less weight you carry, the better, since you will avoid pain in your back and legs. 

A change of trekking clothes for each day:

Try to get quick drying clothes that do not take up so much space in your backpack, you can take short sleeve shirts/straps, you can also take a coat as it is usually cold at night, shorts/long pants both options are valid as shorts can help you not to get wet when crossing the rivers and long pants for mosquitoes. 


Socks and underwear:

I recommend you bring plenty of both because when crossing rivers or if it rains, walking with wet clothes could be uncomfortable and annoying so the more the better. 


Trekking boots:

These are very necessary, either boots or tennis shoes, but remember that they must have a good grip to avoid slipping or falling. 


During the trek you will cross rivers, if you go through it with your tennis shoes or boots they will take time to dry so I recommend wearing sandals as the best option.


Insect repellent:

It is very important to take it with you because along the way you will encounter mosquitoes so you can avoid these bites. 



Some days you can get a very warm sun, very rich, but it is also dangerous and can burn you so it is best to take a sunscreen and apply it every 3 hours. 



One of the best options for this excursion is a headlamp, since having your hands free will allow you to move around much better. 


As I said before you will find several rivers, one of the best moments of the excursion is to be able to relax in those refreshing cold waters.  



Try to bring the most necessary items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant and others. 


A towel:

Quick-drying towels are the best for this type of adventure and they do not take up much space. 

Plastic bag:

They are very practical and can be used to pack clothes separately in case our clothes get wet.


Water bottle:

I recommend carrying a 1 liter bottle full for the first day, but in the camps you can refill it or buy it in the stores that are there. 


If you take medicines do not forget to bring them, also bring cash is also very necessary because you can find stores along the way and only accept cash and finally your identity card.  

This is our guide on what to bring to the tour Lost City, remember to take this into account at the time of the excursion. 

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