Top 5 Tips for Sustainable Travel

Traveling and getting to know new places is very exciting. Although it is an activity to enjoy, it is also necessary to act consciously to take care of the places you visit. Especially if they are natural, archaeological and historical sites.  In this blog we share some sustainable tips for your travels. 


Take care of the wild flora and fauna: 

When traveling to natural places that are the habitat of wild species, always respect these protected areas. Try to be as respectful as possible with the environment. Of course, do not purchase protected flora and fauna, or products derived from these species. 


Consume local products: 

Being sustainable is not only about taking care of the environment. It also includes making a positive contribution to the society we visit. A good way is to buy local products and services. Support communities and pay a fair price for what they offer you. 


Good use of waste: 

Reduce your impact as much as possible when you travel. Recycle, avoid single-use plastics and don’t litter. 

Código de colores para la separación de residuos sólidos

Respect local history and communities: 

It is very important that you respect the customs and traditions of local people. Especially if you visit indigenous communities, which have certain beliefs and rituals that may be very different from ours. Do not take photos without authorization, because many times you are visiting their daily environment. 

Tours with indigenous communities


Pueblo Wiwa Gotsezhy | Magic Tour Colombia

Be conscious of your water and energy consumption: 

Be very responsible with the resources you use. For example: do not leave the air conditioning on when you leave the room, do not leave the shower on unnecessarily, turn off the lights in the rooms where natural light enters, etc. 


Remember these tips to be a sustainable tourist, and put them into practice when you travel.


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