Pueblos Palafitos, a magical territory in the Ciénaga Grande of Santa Marta

Pueblos Palafitos, Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, unique and little explored places. Visiting these villages is an opportunity to experience a unique cultural exchange. It is impressive how so close to the city so many people have a totally different life from the one we know daily. There the colorful wooden houses, the canoes and of course the swamp are the protagonists of the landscape. But so are all the people who inhabit this little explored part of Colombia. 

For years, the inhabitants of this territory have lived with problems such as poverty and lack of opportunities. Despite this, in recent years they have been working little by little to turn this place into a tourist attraction. Showing local and foreign tourists the magic that is hidden there. 


How to get to Pueblos Palafitos? 

The first thing to do is to travel by land from the city you are in. You can start from Santa Marta or Ciénaga. Until arriving at the nautical dock on the shores of the Caribbean main road. There begins the adventure aboard a speedboat that will take you to tour the imposing Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, for about 45 minutes until you reach the first town. On this trip you will visit two palafit towns: Buenavista and Nueva Venecia. 


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What to do in these villages? 

In each palafito village you will go through the “streets” by boat. In both you will be able to discover their way of life. You can visit the main sites such as the church, the school, the soccer field and the colorful houses. You will also be able to talk to the inhabitants and learn a little more about their way of life. 


Why visit the Pueblos Palafitos?

You will be able to discover everything about the amphibian culture. In addition to their traditions and artistic manifestations. You will also support the families of this territory that benefit from tourism.  


Dare to discover little explored places.

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