Lost City Tour. Everything what you need to know

How is the tour to the Lost City?. This blog will answer all your questions. 


How many days does the tour take?

You can do it in 4 or 5 days. 


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How is the tour day by day? 

Day 1


If you do the tour with Magictour Colombia the tour starts from the hotel where you are staying in Santa Marta. There you will be picked up by car and taken to the office to finalize details of your reservation and provide you with information about the tour. Then the tour begins again by car to the sector known as El Mamey or Machete Pelao. Here you will have a delicious lunch to get energy for the adventure that begins in the afternoon. 

After lunch the trekking begins. The first day you will walk from El Mamey to the first camp where you will sleep that night. The walk that afternoon is about 4 hours. Those first hours may seem difficult but sooner than you think you will reach the goal of the day.  Once at the camp you will be able to bathe, have dinner, chat with your fellow travelers and rest. 


Day 2

The second day starts very early. Everyone wakes up around 5:00 a.m. Breakfast is served at 5:30 a.m. and we leave the camp at approximately 6:00 a.m. 

On the way you can enjoy the unique landscapes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Approximately 2 hours after starting the hike there is a short stop to take a fruit and replenish energy. That day you will also usually make a short visit to an indigenous family. There they will tell you a little about their culture and worldview.

The tour continues to reach camp 2 at about noon. Here you will have lunch. You will also have some free time to swim in the river. 

In the afternoon, the trail continues to the paradise camp where you will spend the night. There you will be very close to the Lost City. 


Day 3

The big day has arrived!. The goal of getting to know Ciudad Perdida will be accomplished on this day. The walk to the beginning of the steps is about 1 km long. 

There are 1200 steps that will separate you from experiencing the magic of Ciudad Perdida. At times it may seem like it takes forever. Take your time if you want to rest. When you least expect it, you will be in the great place. 

At the entrance the guide will give you your Ciudad Perdida passport. And there will be a National Parks official who will verify your information. From there you begin to see the beauty of the terraces. And the guide begins to tell you about all the history and information of interest of the archaeological site. 

Pasaporte Lost City

The Lost City is bigger than many people imagine. Beyond the part that we always see in social media photos, there are other very beautiful terraces around the archaeological site. 

Walking around the city you will be able to learn a lot about the Tayrona culture. Of course you will also have the opportunity to take many beautiful pictures, it is a very photogenic place! Everyone who visits takes beautiful pictures as souvenirs. 

Continuing on the way you usually visit the Mamo who has his house inside the Lost City. He gives a few words about his role in the indigenous people and sometimes gives the opportunity to ask him some questions. At this point remember to always respect his culture, take pictures only if he gives his permission and do not ask questions that may be offensive. 

After about 3 hours touring the city, you will start walking down the steps you climbed in the morning. If the group wishes, they are often taken to a natural pool where they can enjoy a refreshing bath. Afterwards we walk back to the Paradise Camp to rest and have lunch. 

In the afternoon you will hike for about 4 hours to Mumake camp where you will spend the last night.


Day 4

On the last day (if you do the tour in 4 days) the trekking starts very early in the morning and you will walk for about 6 and a half hours. Halfway we take a short break at the camp where we spent the first night. In this place we also have a small snack. Then you will arrive at the point where it all began, El Mamey, where you can enjoy lunch and start again the journey by car to your hotel. There you will feel the great satisfaction of having done this great tour. 


If you are going to do the tour in 5 days, this day you will walk only 4 hours to camp 1 and you will have the rest of the day free to rest. 


Day 5

This day you walk about 3 hours to El Mamey and then the car ride to Santa Marta. 


Some questions you may have: 


Is there a cell phone signal along the way? 

No, on this trip you will be able to disconnect completely. But if you are worried about not being able to communicate, there is Wifi in the campsites. This is managed by the owners of the cabins and they charge a small fee (approximately 5,000 COP) for you to access this service. 


What happens if I am not in good physical condition? 

Ideally, you should be in good physical condition to be able to walk. But this does not mean that you must be a great athlete. Many people who are not used to trekking have been able to do this tour. If you have a great disposition to achieve this goal, you will surely do it! 

What should I bring to the tour? 

We recommend that you bring hiking boots, sunscreen and insect repellent. Also bring several pairs of socks because you will surely get wet on the way. Don’t forget your toiletries. Bring a bathing suit to enjoy the river and a lot of desire to live an adventure! 


Do you have any other questions? Contact us by cell phone 317 6792441 or email reservas@magictourcolombia.com 


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