La Wajiira

Long time ago, with the creation of terrestrial life, a land of a peaceful and noble indigenous race was born in South America, with the natural wealth of kings and the wisdom of the gods. A place with a culture rooted in family and nature.

Sometimes, it is incredible to see, how simple things before the sight of a myopic can mean the most precious treasure of those who can feel the scent of life with each of their senses; Indeed, it is really extraordinary everything that a rock abandoned in the middle of nowhere can teach you your own history, your past.


4:40 a.m.

Today we left the city very early, Santa Marta was still asleep, although it was possible to watch a small number of workers on the road who arranged their “chuzos” to begin their work early while they discussed aloud about a subject that is hardly hearing

We head for La Guajira, known in Wayuunaiki – the native language of the Wayuú indigenous tribe as Wajiira, one of the most northern peninsulas in South America. To be honest, this place for Colombians, does not represent a peninsula, not even the desert, La Guajira is for us, synonymous with ethnicity, culture, diversity and most importantly, hammocks and backpacks Wayuu!

In Colombia these backpacks are part of the Colombian tradition, no matter your sex, color and much less your economic stratum, they all have one! The myth says that Wale ‘Keru – the spider – taught the Wayuu the craft of weaving, hence there are many fabrics and unique designs made of the hands of women who sit in small huts to make not only backpacks, but hammocks to sleep and amazing Wayuu blankets that are part of their clothing.

Today I will finally know a place that has maintained the wealth of ancestral roots, a place detached from technology and social networks, completely isolated from everything.


I’ve already prepared my camera, I’ll see you when I get back!

If you are interested in visit this place just click on La Guajira  and make your reservation.


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