Discovering The Lost City with Jose Garcia, the guide with charisma.


Discovering The Lost City with Jose Garcia. Imagine a life full of adventure and where every day nature surprises you, for many people living away from the city without technology seems to be a vision of past times but not for our very dear guide Jose Garcia characterized by his incredible sense of humor, his ease to entertain and his artistic talents make him the ideal companion for the Lost City hike, often called “The green hell”. What’s not to love about sharing this hike with one of the most positive people we have on our team? 

Welcome to the second chapter of our blogs, where we introduce you to our team. 

  • What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most?


The visitors I get to interact with on this journey are very important, it fills me a lot the moment when I can tell the stories of our Tayrona ancestors and remember all the anecdotes of the past like for example: the photographs that were taken with film around 20 years ago, these memories make me take into account how interesting and sacred the Sierra Nevada is. 


  • What do you like most about this hike?


I find it very interesting that when you arrive at The Lost City you realize that it is a place with a lot of positive energy and where you can recharge yourself. 



  • Why do you enjoy visiting Ciudad Perdida? 



The Kogui, Aruhacos, Wiwas and Kankuamos indigenous people use this place for that same exchange of energies that I was talking about before and for me to be able to provide the people who visit me with that purification makes me recommend this trip. 


  • Many of your clients recommend you for your other talents, tell us more about this and how you mix it with the hike.



I always try to mix my work with my other passion which is music. The diversity in Colombia allows me to take you on an artistic journey with salsa, Carnaval de Barranquilla, vallenatos, etc. 

All these musical expressions help us explain a little more of Colombia’s history and culture through its sounds and lyrics. 


  • What other places in Magdalena do you recommend visiting? 


In Santa Marta I recommend visiting the Tayrona Park, Bahía Concha, Neguanje and Playa Cristal.

The historic center of Santa Marta is interesting because there you can find a lot of history of our ancestors. 

“Whoever comes to Santa Marta and does not know the Lost City trek has not visited Colombia”.

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