5 Benefits of trekking

In this blog we present you 5 benefits of trekking. Of course what better than doing it in one of our favorite places: Lost City


Improve your health:

It is a great aerobic exercise, so hiking will help you in the health of your heart, to maintain a good weight and get stamina. This is an excellent practice, since walking expends up to 500 calories per hour. It will also help your lungs by breathing the fresh air of nature. It is also very useful for muscle development, especially in your legs. 

Reduce stress and calm your mind:

Connecting with the mountain or the path where you walk will be very good for your mental health. It is a perfect plan to leave aside the excessive noise of the city and the routine of work. When you come back from trekking you will surely feel very motivated. 


Enjoy the local fauna and flora:

During a trek through the mountains you will be surrounded by all kinds of animals and plants unique to the place you are visiting. If, for example, you do the lost city trek, you will fall in love with all the nature of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. 

Minca Bird Watching

Increase your ability to solve problems:

By being disconnected from technology you learn to solve situations or perform tasks without the need to turn to your cell phone. It also helps you to be more concentrated and reduce your mental fatigue. 


Get to know the local culture:

By spending several days or hours walking along a trail you will of course get to know the local people. You will also be able to eat the local gastronomy, see how their customs are, among others. 

Recommendations for trekking:

  • If you are not used to exercise, start training a few weeks before starting your walk.
  • Wear appropriate shoes. Preferably trekking boots.
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Eat well before starting the hike.
  • Go at your own pace, and don’t get desperate. 


Now that you know these benefits, what are you waiting for to make the trek to Lost City

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