What to do in Minca in one day?


Minca is the perfect place for nature lovers. In this small coffee town located about 40 minutes from Santa Marta, you can enjoy places like rivers, waterfalls, farms, ecological trails, among others. It is an ideal place to spend a weekend, but if you are short on time and only have one day available, in this blog we recommend some places or plans to do.


Visit a coffee farm: 

Minca is par excellence a coffee town. Colombia is known for its delicious coffee, but it is more related to the coffee region, however in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta we also find many places with a coffee vocation. 

In these farms you can learn about the entire coffee process, from planting to tasting. You can also taste other products such as honey, cocoa or handcrafted beer. In addition to enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the mountains. 

Bird watching: 

It is an ideal stop for birdwatchers. In Minca you can observe a great variety of endemic birds such as the golden quetzal, the Santa Marta parakeet, the emerald toucan, the white-tailed inca, among others. 

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Visit a natural pool or a waterfall: 

In Minca there are several places to enjoy a bath. It is the best way to cool off and enjoy nature. 

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These are some of the plans you can do in the ecological capital of Colombia. What are you waiting for to book one of our tours? 

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