Visit Lost City, How many days can I do it?

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If you are planning to visit Lost City you are probably wondering, How many days can I do it? This adventure in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta you have the possibility to do it in 4 or 5 days. The most popular option is 4 days. But in this blog we tell you the differences so you can choose the one that interests you the most.

4-day tour

As we mentioned before, this is the most used option. In this tour the hike is approximately 6 to 7 hours a day. The first day you travel by car to the town of El Mamey. After lunch you hike 4 hours to camp 1. The second day you walk 4 hours to camp 2, where you have lunch and then in the afternoon 3 hours to the Paradise camp, which is the closest to the Lost City. On the third day you arrive at the Lost City. That day we will take a tour to know all the history and beauty of this place. In the afternoon after lunch you will hike to camp 2 where you will spend the night. Finally on the fourth day you will walk about 7 hours from camp 2 to the Mamey. You can book here


5-Day Tour – New Route

This year a new route was included for the 5-day tour. In this tour the first 3 days are the same as the previous option. The fourth day is a hike to the camp where you will spend the night. This is a different place than the other route. That afternoon you have free time to enjoy some incredible waterfalls and beautiful landscapes.  On the fifth day you will finally hike for about 3 hours to the mamey. This is a very good option to enjoy different landscapes and also to make the return hike smoother.  Book here

3-day tour 

This option is for trekking enthusiasts. In this tour you will hike for approximately 8 hours per day. The trek is done in 3 days. But it is necessary to arrive the night before to the town of El Mamey to be able to start the trek very early the next day. This means that you must have 4 days available for the tour. The first day, as we mentioned before, you arrive to El Mamey by car, where you spend the night. The next day we start the hike very early in the morning until we arrive at Paradise Camp. The third day you arrive to Ciudad Perdida and in the afternoon you walk to the place where you will spend the night. Finally the last day you will walk for 7 hours to El Mamey.

This tour is only done in private service. The price varies according to the number of people.

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