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Quebrada Valencia & Buritaca

Quebrada valencia is a paradisiacal place hidden between the highest coastal mountain in the world. It has a beautiful path surrounded by ancient trees and tropical humid forest accompanied by waterfalls, natural pools and small wells that form a river that descends from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Santa Marta City Tour

The city of Santa Marta is a destination difficult to forget. It is the oldest city in South America and therefore has a historical and cultural legacy with colonial treasures.


Taganga is a fishing village located just 15 minutes by car from the city center. Its bay surrounded by mountains achieve a unique scenery that keeps a wonderful natural beauty.

Tayrona Park Trek 4 days

The tour Tayrona Park Trek is an ecological tour with the combination of culture, nature and beach.

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Tayronaka, It is an eco lodge and a place of tourist interest where recreation and culture are combined.