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Private Van Up to 5 Pax

Roundtrip private transfer Up to 5 Pax from Santa Marta to Tayrona Park.

Punta Gallinas 4 days – Guajira

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Santa Marta City Tour

The city of Santa Marta is a destination difficult to forget. It is the oldest city in South America and therefore has a historical and cultural legacy with colonial treasures.


Taganga is a fishing village located just 15 minutes by car from the city center. Its bay surrounded by mountains achieve a unique scenery that keeps a wonderful natural beauty.


Tayronaka, It is an eco lodge and a place of tourist interest where recreation and culture are combined.

Tour Alta Guajira 4 days

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Tour Bahía Concha – Parque Tayrona

Cove of white sand, ideal for those who seek contemplation and rest near the city.

Tour Cabo de la Vela 2 days

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Tour Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta

The Tour  Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, allows you to discover the flora and fauna of Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, a paradise recognized by UNESCO. Which is formed by 26.810 hectares of water. During this exotic journey you will get to know mangroves, beaches, dry forests, forests of vegas and mirrors of waters free of salinity


Tour Lost City Colombia 6 days

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Tour Minca – Santa Marta – Sierra Nevada

Small coffee village located in the lower Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, you can see different rivers that descend from the highest mountain on the planet forming unparalleled natural paradises.

Tour Punta Gallinas 3 days

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