Lost City Trek, a magical tour through the eyes of guide Pedro Fernandez.

Lost City Trek through the eyes of guide Pedro Fernandez. It is in our animal instinct to be nomads, to discover unimaginable places and immerse ourselves in unexplored cultures. Some of us take more time or effort than others, but there will always be people who carry this instinct as a lifestyle, to meet different people every week, to live with what is present in nature and, above all, to be a walking encyclopedia, so we want to introduce you to a new phase of our blogs:

Lost City from the perspective of our tour guides. 

This time you will be able to read about their experiences, anecdotes and stories that they will never forget in their service as tour guides.


Who is Pedro Fernandez? 

I am a farmer who started working in tourism when I was 14 years old. Without having finished my studies, I was looking for new opportunities and found Magic Tour Colombia. Thanks to this company, I knew what my new destiny would be: a life at the service of people. Today, at 40 years old, I am a professional tour guide and I am grateful to God every day that I was able to fulfill my dreams.

What was your most memorable trip? 

I had a group of tourists that I will never forget. My most memorable trip was getting to know and understand the personalities of each of them. It was a pleasure teaching them the stories of the Sierra Nevada and that one of them taught me to be persistent, the only thing that can stop you is God. 

I understood that disability is not an obstacle and there was one person in that group who was missing a lower limb. Nothing stopped him on this challenging path and he fulfilled his dream of knowing the Lost City.

What is the part of your job that fulfills you the most? 

The pleasure of being a tour guide is passing on my culture and the traditions of the department where I have lived all my life. Each tour is a unique experience and the privilege of meeting people from different cultures.

If you could describe what you like most about working at Magic Tour Colombia? 

I could break it down into 3 reasons:

  1. The incredible respect they have for their employees. 
  2. The support they give us every day. 
  3. Our entire team is willing to work for the well-being of the indigenous and peasant communities, helping them is the most important thing. 

In your career as a tour guide, is there a tourist who has touched your life? 

I met these three women of Spanish nationality who were very passionate about the nature of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, but what touched me the most was that they wanted to know the stories of all the guides and cooks. With each person they listened to, one of the young women named Rocio shed a few tears, she realized that life is not so easy for some people, that there are people who lack privileges and when I saw how empathetic they were with my colleagues, it was inevitable that they deserved my appreciation.

What 3 tips would you give us if we were to visit Ciudad Perdida? 

  1. I would recommend that you choose me as your guide. 
  2. Be a nature lover.
  3. You should have a preference for long and challenging hikes, such as The Lost City Trek. 

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What can tourists expect from you if you are their tour guide?

I am a professional at what I do, but first and foremost a father, a brother or a friend. Always try to make them feel like part of my family. I believe that creating magical experiences goes hand in hand with great service. 

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