Fiestas del Mar 2023

Get ready for the Fiestas del Mar 2023. One of the biggest festivities of the capital of Magdalena (Santa Marta). With more than 60 years of celebration, it is again ready to commemorate its 498 years. The festivities will be held from July 26 to 31. There will be different activities where Samarians, national and foreign visitors will be able to enjoy food, music, water sports and all the wonderful things that the most beautiful pearl of America has to offer.    

Throughout the festivities, activities will take place in different parts of the city. Among them are fishing contests, folkloric parades, water sports competitions, gastronomic samples, traditional dances, festivals, photo marathon and much more.     

This year new festivals have been included. Such as the Artisanal Fishing Festival, the Vallenato Minstrels Festival, the Summer and Music by the Sea Festival, and the Samarian Traditional Cuisine Festival.


Some of these activities are: 

Folkloric Parade:

The history and culture of Santa Marta represented through typical costumes and dances of the capital of Magdalena will delight the Samarian public and its visitors. With their colorful costumes, traditional and urban dances, they will delight the Samaria people. 

Artisanal Fishing Festival:

One of the most important festivals since fishing is of cultural and ancestral relevance in Santa Marta. You can enjoy fishing competitions in which participate: adults, children and seniors. You can also immerse yourself in the marine culture and taste the products of the sea in the Fish Market. Where they offer culinary delights and marine handicrafts. 

Juglares Vallenatos Festivals:

This exciting competition you can enjoy Vallenato composers. Puya, Son, Merengue and Paseo will be interpreted by these same, you will enjoy the Samarian talent. 

Summer Festival and Music by the Sea:

Dance and enjoy another exciting competition of artists and bands. Where they will express their art and delight the Samarian public. 

Festival of traditional Samarian cuisine:

Enjoy the gastronomic delights of our region. This festival will feature traditional main dishes, typical desserts, typical street food and traditional fried foods. 

To attend the Fiestas del Mar de Santa Marta is to live a vibrant and special experience. There, culture, music, gastronomy and joy merge in a unique festive atmosphere. It is an opportunity to delight in local traditions. Enjoy beautiful beaches and create unforgettable memories in an environment full of Caribbean charm. Find out all the information about the festivities on its official website

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