7 Things to do In Cabo de la Vela, Guajira

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By Gina Carpio

Edition & transalation by Citlali Flores

Towards the extreme north of Colombia, going to the south of the Caribbean Sea is La Guajira, a place where  indigenous Wayuu roots reside, is the perfect place for the art of weaving that you simply can not miss while visiting the Colombian Caribbean Coast.

1. Visit the Sugar Pilon

pilon de azucar cabo de la vela
If you have luck and you are early in the Cape, you can do many things before sunset begins (I will tell you later why). But first, it is essential to climb to the top of that little hill that you see at the bottom of the image. Why is it a good plan? it is the combination of the height, the breeze and the sea and the magnificent view of this incredible place.

2. Swim in Pilon beach

cabo de la vela colombia
After having taken some good photos at the top, take the opportunity to give yourself a cocoon and a good swim at the Playa del Pilón. The good thing about these beaches is their fine sand and the refreshing water. Take advantage of every second at sea, you will need to refresh yourself from time to time!

3. Buy handcrafted bags

cabo de la vela colombia

Do not leave Cabo de la Vela or at least not from La Guajira without buying a nice colorful bag or a beautiful knitted backpack. If you want to take more than one, you can always ask for a better price and take several of it to home.

4.Do kite-surf

kitesurfing cabo de la vela
As I mentioned in the previous article, Cabo de la Vela is the best place to learn or practice Kite Surfing. It has the right climatic conditions and is also one of the most economical places in the world to practice it.

5. Visit Ojo de Agua beach

ojo de agua beach la guajira
If you are a photography lover, you will love walking to the rocks to the end of the mountain. Ignoring a little bit the wind, from there you can take amazing pictures of the view in Ojo de Agua. Here you can also take a bath and explore around.

6. See the sunset at the lighthouse.

cabo de la vela colombia

Head towards the lighthouse around 4:00 p.m. Do not let the weather discourage you, even if it seems it will rain, the sky always makes an amazing spectacle.

If you’re lucky, at the same time you’ll have a unique sunset, you can see how the rainbow appears in the sky.

7. Sleeping in hammocks

cabo de la vela colombia
Do not think more and go to sleep in hammocks, live the complete experience, otherwise, you may not be able to hear the sound of the sea while you sleep.


These are just some thing you can do when visiting Cabo de la Vela, amazing landscapes await for you. Remember to visit our tour to Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas if you feel like you want to explore and experience this unique places in Colombia.


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Denny George
February 21, 2018
Lazing about on a beach, letting the waves wash over one is my ideal kind of vacation. Cabo de la Vela seems like an ideal place to do just that
February 21, 2018
Hello Denny, Thank you for your comments. Absolutely true, Cabo de la Vela is the perfect beach to laze on the beach and just relax, this is an amazing plan when visiting Colombia. We await for you! Cheers.

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