Most representative places in Santa Marta

morro santa marta

Santa Marta has many representative places that you should visit. This city is characterized by bringing together culture, history and nature. Some of the most recommended places to visit are:


The Cathedral:

catedral santa marta

It is the oldest catholic church in Colombia. This beautiful church is located in the heart of the city. It is one of the most loved heritage sites by the inhabitants of Santa Marta. Even if you are not very religious, you will surely like to visit this place full of history and tradition. In this church are the remains of the founder of Santa Marta, Rodrigo de Bastidas, also for many years were the remains of the liberator Simon Bolivar until they were moved to Caracas. It is located on Carrera 5ta and 17th Street. 


The Tairona Gold Museum:

museo del oro

This place exhibits an extraordinary collection that represents the cultural heritage of Santa Marta. It exhibits ceramic pieces, gold work and gold jewelry. It is located at Carrera 2 and 14th Street, Bolivar Park. 

La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino:

A beautiful hacienda, known mainly for being the place where Simon Bolivar died. This beautiful place surrounded by gardens, and buildings with colonial architectural style, is undoubtedly a representative place of Santa Marta that you can not miss. It is located on Libertador Avenue just 5 km from downtown. 

The monument of Pibe Balderrama:

monumento pibe

It is an emblematic statue of the Samarios, as it represents one of the greatest exponents of Colombian soccer, who of course is from Santa Marta. It is located in front of the Eduardo Santos soccer stadium, and it is a must for tourists to take a picture there. 

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