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Try Dive: Dive into the adventure of scuba diving and enjoy underwater life! This experience invites you to learn and become a diver without the need for prior experience. Explore the wonders of the ocean in two exciting dives. Discover the beauty and diversity of marine life as you dive into the depths of the sea. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure and discover an underwater world full of surprises!

DEPARTURE TIME7:00 am o 12:00 pm
 RETURN TIME 12:00 pm o 5:30 pm
LENGTH5 hours
Scuba diving equipment PADI Instructor
Boat transportation  Water and refreshments
Photos of the dives Medical assistance insurance
Ground transportation Tips
Marina entrance fee Extras Services



  1. Magic Tour Colombia works consciously to offer a quality service that guarantees within our destinations and tourist proposals the sustainable development from the environmental and social-cultural point of view. Respecting the communities, their heritage, values and traditions.  That is why we invite you to read a little more about our sustainability policy here. You will find tips to take care of the planet, to organize your trip, to be a good tourist among others. 
  2. Your trip can contribute to economic and social development buy local crafts and products to support the local economy. Support local communities and indigenous groups in the area. 
  3. In the Company we do not support the illegal trade of flora and fauna species, environmental pollution and we do not support the illegal trade of cultural goods, and we also reject discrimination or acts of racism, we apply the rules to prevent and counteract the exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with minors.
  4. If for any reason you voluntarily decide to end the tour earlier than planned in the itinerary, you must ask the guide for an INFORMED CONSENT FORM TO END THE TOUR and sign it. If you do not sign it, the tour will not be terminated.


  • Our experience begins with a warm welcome at the charter dock, where participants will get ready for action by putting on their wetsuits.
  • Once ready, you will be transferred to the Tayrona Park sector for the first dive.
  • In this first dive, you will learn four basic skills that are fundamental for safe diving: emptying the mask, recovering and emptying the regulator, communicating by hand signals and compensation techniques.
  • All ready to explore the wonderful underwater world! After completing these skills, you will continue your tour exploring the reef, marveling at the diversity of marine life that inhabits these crystal clear waters and putting your newly acquired skills into practice.
  • After this first dive, you will have a one hour break to replenish your energy with a delicious snack, while sharing anecdotes about your underwater experiences.
  • The adventure continues with a second dive in a different spot. Here, you will enjoy another underwater tour, exploring different marine landscapes and discovering even more wonders hidden beneath the surface.
  • Finally, after the two dives, participants will be transferred to the international marina to end the experience.

Recommendations for the tour Try Dive.

We have some small recommendations that you should keep in mind before and during the tour Try Dive:

  • Recommended to know how to swim.
  • Do not carry any valuable items.
  • During the journey, follow the instructor’s instructions at all times.
  • You are responsible for your personal belongings.
  • After the diving activity, you must wait 18 hours before boarding a plane.

What should you bring?

  • Swimsuit
  • Hydration
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen

Magic Tour Terms and Conditions & Data processing policy 

Try Dive | Santa Marta Colombia
Try Dive | Santa Marta Colombia
Try Dive | Santa Marta
Try Dive | Magic Tour
Try Dive | Magic Tour Santa Marta
Try Dive | Magic Tour Colombia | Santa Marta
Try Dive | Magic Tour Colombia

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