Virtual Tour To Lost City

The Lost City Colombia Tour is one of the most important treks that you can do in South America. With our virtual tour you will discover amazing information about this destination. With our local guides you will learn about the history, architecture, culture and nature of the Lost City Colombia through a virtual tour.

Your contribution will help lost city families get benefits and can move on.

Check available times to do the tour.

The resources obtained from this virtual tour to Ciudad Perdida Colombia will be used to continue helping local guides and the Lost City community who live on tourism and have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel from home to Lost City with our virtual tour and help us continue to maintain hope.

DEPARTURE TIMECheck available times to do the tour
RETURN TIME2 hours after
WEARComfortable clothing.
Local guide
English translator
Information not specified.


General presentation of our local guide and translator

Through digital tourism you can enjoy a tour of Ciudad Perdida Colombia discovering each of the emblematic places

From the Google Street View function of Google Maps will be possible to visit places such as the main terraces, the Piedra del Sapo, the roads, the indigenous houses, among others.

Our local guides will tell the history, culture, archeology and curious facts that this wonderful place of the Tayrona culture hides.

To carry out the tour we recommend:

  • Have an internet connection
  • Time availability
  • Have no distractions
  • Be in a comfortable position from home.

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