Taganga Virtual Food Tour

Discover the cultural and gastronomic charm of Taganga, a beautiful fishing village in the Colombian Caribbean just 5 minutes from Santa Marta. You cannot miss its typical dishes that with their flavors make our recipes unique! All the local ingredients make this an incredible experience.

From the hand of Mama Zulma you will be able to know the best of local taganga food.

In this tour you will learn to cook one of the typical dishes of Taganga where the base is fish. You can learn dishes like taganguero rice, fish in caribbean sauce, and many others.

Discover the advice of Mama Zulma who will teach you how to be a local cook.


Check available times.

The resources obtained from this virtual gastronomic tour of taganga will be used to continue helping local families who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel from home to Taganga through its gastronomy and help us continue to maintain hope.

DEPARTURE TIMECheck available times to do the tour.
RETURN TIME2 hours after
LENGTH2 hours
WEARComfortable clothing.
Recipe DescriptionTranslator
Local mom
Information not specified.


General presentation of mama zulma and translator (Only if necessary)

Through Mamá Zulma you will learn how to prepare one of the typical taganga dishes. You must be prepared to enjoy and know the best tips of local cuisine.

An introduction to local culture will be made. The ingredients and the preparation of the dish will be presented. Mama Zulma will give us advice and tips on how to prepare them.

We will learn about the local Taganga culture, artisanal fishing and how that fresh fish reaches our plate.

Undoubtedly the secret is the love that has been passed down from generation to generation and that is maintained through the years in each of the local moms in the area.

It is an experience that you cannot miss.

We will send you the ingredients you will need after booking the experience.

To carry out the tour we recommend:

  • Have an internet connection
  • Time availability
  • Have no distractions
  • Be in a comfortable position from home.

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