The wind blows soft, penetrating…

Ocarinas in the distance rejoice the life of the Tayro Town (original name of the great nation Tayrona), is a time of abundance, harmony, found a paradise on earth, a chain of natural pyramids, with all thermal floors possible for Cultivation of fruits and vegetables, the Mountains provided excellent hunting and fishing, the Sea and the Snows are four Tabacos and a half away from each other. What more to expect from Kaku Serankua (the first son of the Universal Mother and creator of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, says Mama Arhuaco), I just have to thank you with your lives in fullness and joy, to incarnate in a dream like this beautiful on earth.

Seven iridescent feathers of Quetzal de Sierra decorate her head, she is made with geometry in black Achiote and wears a gold nose ring that gives her beloved (right-handed goldsmith of the tribe). The frogs on his necklace seem to sing aquatic melodies to grandfather Chibcha as he begins the invocation of the Bat and its sophisticated sonar, to fly in the dark to travel the dimensional planes of the Mountain Jungle.

They also take remedy of plant to look and to know their lands like the men Jaguar of the Forest of the South, they also have their man Jaguar, only that this one has face of a bat to orient itself better in the night, and language of Snake to analyze chemically the Air, are so friendly to the Animal and Mineral Animal Kingdoms that they have their permission to mix all kinds of Gifts and Medicines that come from there.

More or less like this, the great Tayrona Nation lived, without distinguishing between life, ritual and myth, fashion or music, naturally everything sacralized by imprinting soul, sweat and thought on the symbols of their culture, encouraging them and putting them in Action to create continuous divine poetry inspired by the universes.

The pieces that are in the Gold Museum of Santa Marta. They tell this, and many other stories, it only takes a cheerful and open mind to listen to them and to understand that, somehow … we are part of them.

The Gold Museum is one of the places to visit in the City Tour of Magic Tour Colombia.

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