Let me guess! Are you in Santa Marta and don’t know what to do?


Have you ever visited a place that has made you feel so excited as for calling your boss and ask for a few more days of vacation? Surely!, in effect there is nothing more relaxing than getting out of the rut and exploring new things.

Besides, it is obviously that if you are in Santa Marta, it is because you have decided not to be the exception, certainly a good choice! Therefore, we will help you to have one of the most adventurous and fun experiences of your life. And the most important thing is that ¡no matter how old you are and much less if you have never visited the city! All you need to take with you is an excellent adventurous and curious spirit!

Of course, we are talking about a fascinating trip for anyone who dares to live it, an adventure after every step you take will make you the protagonist of the natural charm characteristic of one of the 7 wonders of Colombia, the “Ciudad Perdida de Santa Marta”; a small indigenous village that succumbs to the magic of the jungle of wild species and ancestral cultures that will not cease to amaze you for a minute.

Here! You will appreciate incredible archaeological remains; the heart of a network of small villages inhabited by the Tayronas, one of the most famous tribes of the region, with customs and traditions that will give you another perspective of the world!

Does it ring you? Just in case,

Let me mention 3 reasons you will love in this place!

First of all, one of the things that our travelers love most is being able to interact with the locals, exchange laughs, tell us about their experiences and live the journey in a safe, reliable and full of good energy!

A secret for you, is not it great to try delicious fruits after each long walk? You will have the opportunity to taste very exotic fruits that in your country maybe you’ll never see.

Second, although it takes a little of your physical effort to climb and walk for several hours, you’ll always be rewarded with the most larger beautiful views in the region. You’ll probably be charmed by the little Kogui village, “Mutanyi”, or you may not want to get out of the water when you hit the quiet, crystal-clear natural pools you’ll find on the way.

Third, Ciudad Perdida gives you the opportunity to lose yourself in an ancestral and natural portal, a place where you can delight yourself with amazing sunrises, meet exotic animals and connect with nature.

Dare to practice hiking!, unplug everything for 4,5 and up to 6 days.

Losing yourself was never a good idea until you discover Ciudad Perdida!



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